Poetry and Lights 2022

The eternal return
 After W.S. Merwin


by Cindy Hunter Morgan

Because it is not here it is eternal 

how else to explain the absence 

of the moon in the afternoon 

the disappearance of loons 

in September the silence 

when I wake at night that time 

between the last sound  

of the last frog and the first  

sound of the first ice 

where does anything go except 

into forever my grandmother  

comes to me at night is always  

waiting at the end of the hallway  

in a house that is not there 

by the heavy black-corded telephone  

in the nook by the closet  

where her jacket still hangs 

Cindy Hunter Morgan is a poet, teacher and co-founder of Filmetry: A Festival of Film and Poetry. “Harborless,” her book of poems informed by Great Lakes shipwrecks, was named a 2018 Michigan Notable Book and won the 2017 Moveen Award in poetry. “The Eternal Return” appears in her new book, “Far Company” (Wayne State University Press, 2022).

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