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Licked joint triggers precautionary recall for Michigan pot shops

THURSDAY, Aug. 6 — A medical pot shop in Lansing was forced to pull some joints from its shelves today after state officials said they could have been contaminated at a facility in Bay …

Schor turns to Congress: It’s either bailouts or budget cuts for Lansing

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor is pushing for a federal bailout as the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent economic downturn continues to take a punishing toll on the capital city’s budget.

From Anita Hill to Lansing: How Teresa Bingman sees herself

As mentors go, Lansing attorney Teresa Bingham has had a pretty good one: Anita Hill.

Roundup: Authorities levy charges and fines against Lansing protesters

Several people are facing tickets and criminal charges in connection to recent protests that have left a streak of injuries and destruction in Lansing.

Lansing sees a record primary election turnout — virtually speaking

As Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope predicted, voter turnout in the primary election yesterday set a record.

REACH Studio Art Center reaches out to local students 

REACH Studio Art Center in REO Town has found a way to stay in touch with the Lansing community despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drive-through Cristo Rey Fiesta Food Fest arrives in September 

The festival — considered the largest Latino event in mid-Michigan — typically draws a crowd of thousands of people from all over the state.  In lieu of a crowded party, the church is holding a Fiesta Food Fest Drive-Through. 

Voting in Michigan? Chances are the candidate is pro-marijuana.

Surveys sent to candidates for prosecutor, sheriff and federal and state legislative offices showed that state lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are leaning increasingly pro-marijuana.

A first: East Lansing selects two Black City Council members

With the selection of Ron Bacon and Dana Watson, the Council will have two African American members for the first time.

Lansing cops raise $3,600 for colleague after house fire

A recent show of support from the Lansing Police Department will help an LPD radio technician and his family get back on their feet following a devastating house fire.

Curious Book Shop braces for influx of students 

East Lansing may look like a ghost town now, but that will change when students return to Michigan State University this fall.

Slotkin secures funding for ‘State of Black Michigan’ report

The measure that includes the funding must still clear the Senate and the White House.

East Lansing artist starts work on original tarot deck

In these uncertain times, wouldn’t you like to have a better picture of the future? For some, tarot cards offer a supernatural sense of knowing and control.
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