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2020 Pulsar Awards go digital via Zoom

Despite an abbreviated season, the 2019-2020 Pulsar contenders included 30 plays. All theater companies considered were unable to complete their rosters.

After Harper’s outbreak, two dozen restaurants face new limits

At least two dozen large bars and restaurants across Greater Lansing have been ordered to temporarily limit capacity to 75 patrons as local officials continue to track a growing COVID-19 outbreak tied to the recent reopening of Harper’s Restaurant & Brewpub in East Lansing.

Chief Green: ‘Policing must change’

“I respect your calls for change,” he declared. “I seek to codify police reform through policy.”

‘Silent Sit-in Against Racism’ kicks off at the Capitol

A crowd of 100 or so were on hand for the start of the event, organized by Tamilikia Foster, a poet and nurse at McLaren Hospital.

Ingham Co. commissioners hire new controller/administrator

Gregg Todd was the commissioners’ unanimous pick Tuesday. Todd is deputy secretary of operations the Maryland Health Department.
Unfurl the umbrella

Back from lockdown, Artist’s Umbrella celebrates its first birthday

Tomorrow, after three months of lockdown, the Umbrella will unfurl again to full glory, with extra ribs, at the same venue, with 15 participating artists and groups.

The Drink: The perfect summer cocktail is DIY

In my house, we’re slowly expanding our circle after the stay-at-home order, but because of children and aging parents, when we see our friends, it’s mostly outside of someone’s house. Thankfully, a friend has helped me discover a wonderful DIY beverage for an evening on someone’s porch, or a cookout: Ketel One botanical cucumber & mint vodka, lemon-lime soda. Squeeze a wedge of lime and, if you’re fancy and you have your own mint growing, throw in a sprig of mint.

The Dish: Chicken shawarma from Jerusalem Pita and More

Jerusalem Pita and More, which you might also know as Jerusalem Bakery, is an east side stalwart that, until recently, I have somehow neglected. Now I realize what a longtime mistake I have made. As I still prefer takeout over dining in — hey, it works with my busy schedule — I ordered the chicken shawarma combo for delivery via UberEats. After a wait of just 20 minutes, the delivery driver left my order at the door — very convenient!

Turn It Down! Locals Pick Locals: Vol. 11

This week, “Locals Pick Locals” returns with a few more nuggets from Michigan’s back catalog of amazing — and sometimes strange — music. From ‘90s alt-rock to primitive old gospel records, here’s a few records worth digging around for. 

Great LGBTQ novels to celebrate pride with

For decades, unsuspecting high school literature teachers assigned “The Picture of Dorian Grey,” by Oscar Wilde, for reading and discussion. Read between the lines and you will find a subtle gay thread. Not surprising, since Oscar Wilde spent time in a British prison for homosexuality.

Plans emerge to save LCC’s radio station WLNZ

Will the Lansing Public Media Center come to the rescue of Lansing Community College’s WLNZ, 89.7 FM? It might have to.

The 2020 Pulsar Awards go digital via Zoom

The Pulsars Awards ceremony at 6 p.m. Monday, June 29 will reflect the ongoing need to social distance. Instead of the usual dinner gathering, presentations will be done via Zoom. Recipients have the opportunity to respond to winner announcements in 25 categories that reflect on and off-stage excellence. The public is welcome to watch.
Pride 2020

Lansing resident learns to tattoo during lockdown

Getting a stick and poke tattoo is a brutal process. A tattoo gun can penetrate the skin around 100 times per second, according to Medical News Today. But to do a stick and poke, the tattoo artist has to stick the needle in by hand, slowly and carefully. If they accidentally stick it in too far, you can expect to see a lot of blood.
Pride 2020

Nonbinary musician Bilal Baeza finds their way through friendship

Raised in Detroit, but coming of age in Grand Ledge and Lansing, Lansing musician Bilal Baeza  is a black and nonbinary — indentifying with neither traditional male nor female gender roles — artist navigating a predominantly white and straight music world.
Pride 2020

Lansterdam in Review: These four strains help to strengthen LGBTQ rights

Want to support basic human rights? Also want some free weed? How about both?
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