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Forget renting misconceptions, millenials are the fastest growing buying population

Joe Vitale


Millennials are buying houses and I think there are a couple of different reasons why. They are a group that wants to be part of the community and home buying securely plants them in a community, often joining the neighborhood association or locally getting involved. Also, in many cases they can purchase a home and have a total expense related to their housing cheaper than if they were renting in a downtown area. The way millennials are buying homes is different, however.

It is a lot more social media based. Between using Instagram and Facebook, there is a lot more messaging communication than face to face communication. Millennials also tend to be able to access information easily, but need help having someone manipulate it further for them. With neighborhoods, I see a lot of millennials being active outside of the house between front yard gardens to taking chances with colors that other generations haven’t done, which adds vibrancy. Another thing that can’t be ignored is interest rates are historically low so financially it is a great time to buy. Feel free to give me a call/text/email if you’re interested in buying a home.

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