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Flash in the Pan: Fun with squeezed spinach

I love buying spinach at the farmers market in spring. There is great variety to be found, from dainty babies to long-stemmed beefsteaks.

Everything is Cheesecake upsizes to Jolly Cedar Plaza

When Deanna Brown was working her customer sales job at a Fortune 500 company, she felt burnt out. Needing an outlet to de-stress, she found out that baking cookies and cakes in the kitchen was her happy place. A specific favorite to serve up was the ever-rich cheesecake.  
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The converted Red Barn House stands alone in fields in Oneida Township. In this house, Clinton Decker allegedly met his death at the hands of Joseph Sadlak. Five years of Eaton County sheriff reports reveal a bizarre and violent history leading up to the murder.
Newly video footage appears to show a man leaving the store without paying for a few ears of sweet corn before fleeing police and being shot by two cops at Meijer.
Eight residents have qualified to buy their homes from the Housing Commission.
A new marijuana dispensary is set to open its doors next week on the western edge of East Lansing. And while there will certainly be a wide assortment of weed lining its shelves, the staff at Ascend …
(BPT) - Party a little too hearty last night? Chances are, you may have woken up with some of the classic symptoms of a hangover: headache, sensitivity to light and noise, fatigue, thirst, …
She Ate, He Ate

Square One brings a breakfast lover’s nirvana to Hannah Plaza

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Holy smoke! The Shredder is a meat lover’s dream

Looking Glass Brewing Co., at 115 N. Bridge St. in downtown DeWitt, opened in 2018 inside the former Mount Hope Church. The microbrewery — which still has stained glass windows and pew benches — has anywhere from 10 to 16 beers on tap at a time, which are brewed in the basement of the former church. Even though I worked in a craft beer restaurant for years, beer isn’t really my thing. I usually go with a hard cider or sour. They taste less beer-y to me. This was my first time at Looking Glass, so I played it safe with the cherry hard cider. It was refreshingly sweet, with a slightly tart aftertaste. I had two.  

Flash in the Pan: Savory salad with rhubarb hummus

If you know any rhubarb recipes that call for less than a cup of sugar, you are a statistical anomaly. It’s understandable, given the culinary perfection made possible by the combination of rhubarb and strawberries — with or without pie crust.  
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Inside scoop: Michigan State’s Dairy Store ice cream

As a Michigan State University alum, I’m very familiar with the Dairy Store. Some of my happiest Spartan memories revolve around its delicious, locally owned ice cream. If you’re not familiar, the MSU Dairy Foods Complex Team makes a variety of ice cream and cheeses — and they’re available at on campus at Anthony Hall (474 S. Shaw Lane, East Lansing). Once you arrive, the sweet, sugary aroma of ice cream will hit you almost immediately.  

Flash in the pan: The lovage is real: Celery on steroids

I first felt the power of lovage in a box of Rapunzel brand vegetable bouillon with herbs. After my first taste, I had to double check the label to make sure that it was, indeed, meatless. Then, I read the fine print to figure out why. 

Beerfest at the Ballpark returns for seventh year

Don’t strike out on your chance to try some of Michigan’s best brews.

Mad for the Madtown grilled cheese

Before City Pulse, I worked as a server at HopCat in East Lansing for over three years. Like any good server, I studied the menu to make suggestions for our guests. What better way to study than to try the foods myself? My go-to employee meal was the Madtown grilled cheese. I ordered it so much, my manager once told me I wasn’t allowed to order it anymore — he was joking, but I thought he was serious at first. It’s been my favorite meal since I first tried it back in 2018. 
Flash in the Pan

Better call mom Ukrainian crepes make for a savory, or sweet, Mother’s Day

Our story ends in front of a pile of Ukrainian crepes. Some are flavored with savory herbs and cottage cheese, and others are filled with strawberries, vanilla and sweet cheese. These crepes, called nalysnyky (gnaw-lees-nike), make the perfect Mother’s Day meal.  

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