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Flash in the Pan: Pomegranate season’s greetings

As holiday talk builds to a festive pitch, and the cold darkness moves to embrace you, don’t sleep on pomegranate season. It’s on, and ready to sneak back into your life.

Cheesesteaks, sliders and wings invade Lansing

Greater Lansing foodies have a lot to be excited for as Lansing continues to build on the momentum of its recent wave of restaurant openings and announcements. Two spots from established Michigan-based franchises are ready for you to check out today.
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This eyesore is a rerun of sorts. A reader called our attention to this “really terrible” southside property back in March 2019. And after more than two years, it’s finally on the city’s radar too.
Horrocks is turning its little corner of Lansing into the North Pole on Friday with a cavalcade of Christmas fun. There’s a smorgasbord of events radiating with holiday cheer for you to choose from, including a winter petting zoo with actual reindeer (just don’t tell Santa Claus) and live holiday musical performances,
No spaghetti straps. No halter tops. No leggings. No cleavage. No midriffs. No short skirts.
(BPT) - Party a little too hearty last night? Chances are, you may have woken up with some of the classic symptoms of a hangover: headache, sensitivity to light and noise, fatigue, thirst, …
Is there such a thing as pent-up love? Politics and the pandemic reduced the flow of refugees to greater Lansing to a trickle by 2020, but that has changed dramatically in recent weeks. The response in Lansing has floored Erika Brown Binion, executive director of the Refugee Development Center. The center is asking for, and getting, generous help welcoming about 300 refugees from Afghanistan to greater Lansing.

Social Sloth gets the food and ambiance right

Since Mediteran (the original, not the amazing and recently reopened Café Mediteran) closed its doors downtown a number of years ago, a very specific void has existed. I want to find myself in a café where I don’t understand all of the words on the menu, where I can sip a dark, thick espresso paired with an achingly decadent dessert, and where the décor is charmingly off-kilter, a far cry from the quotidian fake plants and wicker baskets that you find in every whitewashed chain restaurant. 

Flash in the Pan: The sides of December

Making a side dish for a holiday get together is a rite of the season, and one for which we should be grateful. Because if you aren’t making the sides, you might be roasting some poor bird, or a soy-based approximation of some poor bird.

THE TOP OF THE TOWN: Social Sloth Bakery & Cafe

Social Sloth Bakery & Café has been cooking up delicious Turkish goods since opening amid the all-time tumultuous year that was 2020. Despite launching in troubling times, the quaint eatery has amassed many fans thanks to its cozy, friendly atmosphere and its unique offerings inspired by the Turkish heritage of Burcay and Aybars Gunguler, the husband-and-wife duo behind Social Sloth. 

The best looking plates from the Top of the Town winners

Each year, the Top of the Town contest highlights just how much delicious food Lansing restaurants have to offer. In every category there is a hard fought battle between the capital city’s finest culinary wizards. We’ve gathered some choice plates from a handful of the winning contestants. Just try to avoid drooling all over this scree.
New in Town

Top of the Town voters pick best new restuarants

In the spirit of this special issue’s celebration of the Top of the Town victors, this New in Town column will look at the top three vote-getters for this year’s Best New Restaurant award. These restaurants have all begun to make their mark in Greater Lansing.

Flash in the Pan: Japanese Pumpkin Pie

Kabocha, also known as the Japanese pumpkin, is a versatile and delicious winter squash. The flavor is starchy and sweet, with a firm body that can handle being cooked many ways, from tempura-fried to roasted to steamed to sweet purees. The seeds are plump. The hard skin is edible.  The squash experience is complete.

Flash in the Pan: Squashed

I would have been OK with it if they were stealing our squash to feed their families, but it wasn’t the case. One of the thieves had a buttercup squash and the other what looked like a sunshine, both $4 sized. With no time to hide the squash as we drove up, they scurried away sheepishly while we checked the cash box, which was empty, at which point they turned tails and ran.
NEw in Town

Hawaiian cuisine comes to East Lansing

If you’ve been craving something radically different from the usual routine of pizzas and burgers, there’s a new restaurant in downtown East Lansing with a diverse menu that might satisfy your urge. 

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