Voting in Michigan? Chances are the candidate is pro-marijuana.

Michigan Cannabis Industry Association releases “cannabis election scorecard”


MONDAY, Aug 3 — Most candidates vying for local or state elected offices at this week’s primary have a favorable attitude toward the cannabis industry, according to a “cannabis scorecard” released today by the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association.

Surveys sent to candidates for prosecutor, sheriff and federal and state legislative offices showed that state lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are leaning increasingly pro-marijuana. Every Democratic candidate surveyed and 90% of Republican candidates scored either an A or B grade on the recent scorecard, which lobbyists have billed as a win for the statewide industry.

“We needed to help our members and voters recognize which candidates are supportive of progressive cannabis policy,” said MiCIA’s executive director, Robin Schneider. “The results confirmed what we see firsthand, that support for cannabis has become a bipartisan issue. As we have rolled out our industry in Michigan, lawmakers are respecting and upholding the will of the voters.”

Most questions were closed-ended, asking whether candidates support the decision to legalize cannabis for recreational use and whether they would support the industry in their jurisdiction. Altogether, 96 percent of respondents to the recent survey scored either an “A” or a “B” grade.

Six candidates for prosecutor in Genesee, Macomb, Shiawassee, Washtenaw and Wayne counties all scored As, as did candidates for sheriff in Genesee, Hillsdale, Oakland, Marquette and Wayne counties. Only Eaton County Republican sheriff’s candidate Rick Jones scored a “B” grade.

Several candidates running for U.S. Congress also received “A” grades, including Hillary Scholten, John Hoadley, Jen Richardson, Gretchen Driskell, Kimberly Bizon, Linda Sawyer and Terrance Morrison. Tim Kelly, Kerry Bentivolio, David Dudenhoefer each scored a “B” grade.

Most candidates running for statewide office also received an “A” grade. Notable exceptions included Republican candidates James Townsend, Christine Timmon and Gary Stefanko, who scored “F” grades in the recent scorecard. Republicans Jaquie Gnodtke Blackwell and Gary Mitchell also each scored a “C” grade. The rest of the candidates listed were graded “A” or “B.”

You can find the MiCIA Election Scorecard online here.


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