Lansing City Pulse Top of the Town 2019 Winners


The tribe has spoken!

And we’re back. This year’s Top of the Town contest pulled in 143,912 votes for the top three, ranking some of the most popular, innovative businesses and people in the area. This friendly competition gives residents of the greater Lansing area a chance to show their favorite community hubs, personalities and local oddities the appreciation they deserve — with a few jabs at local politicians and eyesores along the way. With 239 categories, nearly 100 more than last year, there’s no time for formalities. Let’s get to the winners.

New Categories

With more categories for people to pick from, the winners in this year’s contest reflect a wide range of services and reveal new details about longtime Top of the Town champs. For example, who knew Lansing’s signature Italian spot for decades also had the best ranch dressing in town? The new Best Bagel category shined a light on a small shop outside city limits that adds a psychedelic note to its baked goods. A few hidden treasures came to light in the categories of Best Classical Musician, Best Cemetery, Best Place to Play Video Games, Best Pottery Studio and Best Apartments, to name a few. New categories will be indicated on our expansive list of winners.


Year after year, Lansing remains loyal to its day-one grocery stores, food trucks, dry cleaners and many other older businesses. Horrocks cleaned house, with 122,659 votes nominating them in the top three across 15 categories. El Oasis returned to the top for Best Food Truck — one of the more competitive categories —with 158 more votes than the closest contender. Lansing also showed up to shower family owned businesses like Baryames Cleaners and Abood Law Firm with appreciation. Spiral Dance Bar lost its footing last year for Best Dance Bar, but returned to the throne with its reputation for Best Gay/Lesbian Bar intact. Another townie stalwart is DeLuca’s Pizzeria, which has been a contender in the top three for Best Italian, Best Family Restaurant and Best Pizza for three years. This year, they take the crown for all three.

Close Calls/Upsets

While it’s important we honor those who came before us, this contest also strives to highlight up-and-coming trends, businesses and cultural players in Lansing. After two years of beating out international coffee chains, the east side’s Strange Matter took second to Blue Owl for Best Coffee Shop. Turns out people really give a hoot about low-key open mics and steampunk fixtures — and let’s not forget about the customized bike cart. Golden Harvest had a run for its title this year for Best Pancakes, with one point separating them from Sophia’s House of Pancakes in Grand Ledge. The most searing battle was arguably for Best Fast Food, where a locally owned gem rose to glory, defeating its contenders Chick-Fil-A and Culver’s by three votes. Those looking to get their worship on may already be aware of the friendly rivalry between St. Gerard and Riverview Church for Best Place of Worship. Similar to last year, it was neck and neck, the final decision made by a margin of three votes. The biggest landslide this year was no doubt Best Officer, where a member of the Bath Township Police Department cruised to the top with 2,387 more votes than second place and the runner-up combined.

New champions

Stateside Deli and Meat Southern BBQ appear to have stepped up their game this year, breaking up other contenders' winning streaks for Best Reuben and Best Nachos. Punk Taco brought el fuego ranking in Best Tacos, Best New Restaurant and Best Margarita. While our voters have a knack for irony, when it comes to Best Advocate and Best Politician, it’s nothing but respect. With 917 votes, readers seem to be pleased with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as their new, fearless leader.

Now that we’ve established some trends and key destinations to look for during your Top of the Town journey, navigating our gigantic list of winners will come with ease. While you’re at it, take out a pen and start marking some new places and experiences to help you break from routine. Or have a debate with family and friends over the results.

Best Bar

Best Cocktails: Zoobies

American Fifth Spirits — Second Place

Bridge Street Social — Runner Up

Best Dance Bar: Spiral Video & Dance Bar

Green Door — Second Place

The Avenue — Runner Up

Best Gay/Lesbian Bar: Spiral Video & Dance Bar

The Avenue — Second Place

Esquire — Runner Up

Best Happy Hour: Houlihan's

Crunchy’s — Second Place

Zoobie’s — Runner Up

Best Jam Night: The Green Door Bar & Grill

The Avenue Cafe — Second Place

Moriarty’s Pub — Runner Up

Best Karaoke: Crunchy’s

The Avenue — Second Place

Le Roy’s Classic Bar & Grill — Runner Up

Best Lansing Area Brewery: Lansing Brewing Co.

Ellison Brewery + Spirits — Second Place

BAD Brewing Co. — Runner Up

Best Lansing Area Distillery: American Fifth Spirits

Lansing Brewing Co. — Second Place

Ellison Brewery + Spirits — Runner Up

Best Neighborhood Bar: Dagwood's

Harry’s Place — Second Place

BAD Brewing Co. — Runner Up

Best Open Mic Night: Sir Pizza (Old Town)

The Avenue — Second Place

Moriarty’s Pub — Runner Up

Best Pub/Tavern: Zoobie's

Moriarty’s Pub — Second Place

Crunchy’s — Runner Up

Best Spartan Sports Hangout: Crunchy’s

Nuthouse Sports Grill — Second Place

Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe — Runner Up

Best Sports Bar: Nuthouse Sports Bar

Buffalo Wild Wings — Second Place

Buddie’s - Holt — Runner Up


Best Dining

Best Asian Buffet:

Ukai Hibachi Grill & Sushi  Bar Woodlake

Hibachi Grill & Buffet — Second Place

Asian Buffet — Runner Up

Best Bakery:  Bake N’ Cakes

Roma Bakery — Second Place

Flour Child Bakery — Runner Up

Best BBQ:  Meat. Southern BBQ

Saddleback BBQ — Second Place

Smoke N’ Pig BBQ — Runner Up

Best Brunch:  Soup Spoon Cafe

Golden Harvest — Second Place

Beggar’s Banquet — Runner Up

Best Breakfast: Golden Harvest Restaurant

Good Truckin’ Diner — Second Place

Soup Spoon Cafe — Runner Up

Best Bagels: Flour Child Bakery

Panera Bread — Second Place

Big Apple Bagels — Runner Up

Best Burger: Dagwood’s

Crunchy’s — Second Place

Five Guys Burger & Fries — Runner Up

Best Chinese: P.F. Chang’s

Chen’s — Second Place

Charlie Kang’s — Runner Up

Best Coney Dog: Sparty’s Coney Island

Nip N Sip Drive In — Second Place

Olympic Broil — Runner Up

Best Deli:  Horrocks

Monticello’s Market & Butcher Block — Second Place

Frandor Deli — Runner Up

Best Dessert: MSU Dairy Store

Roma Bakery Deli & Fine Foods — Second Place

Grand Traverse Pie Co. — Runner Up

Best Donuts: Quality Dairy

Cops & Donuts — Second Place

Groovy Donuts — Runner Up

Best Diner: Good Truckin' Diner

Fleetwood Diner — Second Place

Golden Harvest — Runner Up

Best Family Friendly Restaurant: DeLuca's

Cugino’s — Second Place

Buddies - Holt — Runner Up

Best Fried Chicken: Eastside Fish Fry & Grill

Crack Chicken — Second Place

Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse — Runner Up

Best Fast Food: Olympic Broil

Chick-Fil-A — Second Place

Culver’s — Second Place

El Oasis — Runner Up

Best Fish Fry: Eastside Fish Fry

Claddagh Irish Pub — Second Place

Harry’s Place — Runner Up

Best Food Truck: El Oasis

Streetkitchen — Second Place

Pancho’s Taqueria — Runner Up

Best French Fries: HopCat

Five Guys Burger & Fries — Second Place

The Cosmos — Runner Up

Best Greek Restaurant: Zaytoon

Woody’s Oasis — Second Place

Lou & Harry’s — Runner Up

Best Hibachi: Ukai Japanese Steakhouse

Ukai Hibachi Grill & Sushi Bar - Woodlake — Second Place

Hibachi Grill Sushi Buffet — Runner Up

Best Ice Cream Shop: MSU Dairy Store

Tasty Twist — Second Place

Lick-ety Split - Grand Ledge — Runner Up

Best Indian Restaurant: Swagath Indian Cuisine

Sindhu Indian Cuisine — Second Place

Persis Indian Cuisine — Runner Up

Best Irish Restaurant: Claddagh Irish Pub

Moriarty’s Pub — Second Place

Dublin Square — Runner Up

Best Italian Restaurant: DeLuca's

Cugino’s — Second Place

Bravo Cucina Italiana — Runner Up

Best Kids Eat Free Restaurant: The Cosmos/Zoobies Tavern

Texas Roadhouse — Second Place

Applebee’s — Runner Up

Best Late Night Food:  Fleetwood Diner

Famous Taco — Second Place

Pizza House — Runner Up

Best Margarita: El Azteco

Punk Taco — Second Place

Cancun Mexican Grill — Runner Up

Best Mediterranean Restaurant: Zaytoon

Woody’s Oasis — Second Place

Sultan’s — Runner Up

Best Mexican Restaurant (Chain):  Cancun Mexican Grill

Los Tres Amigos — Second Place

Charro-East Lansing — Runner Up

Best Mexican Restaurant  (Non-Chain): Pablo's Old Town

Pancho’s Taqueria (Food Truck) — Second Place

Aldaco’s Taco Bar — Runner Up

Best Nachos: MEAT BBQ

El Azteco — Second Place

Buddies - Holt — Runner Up

Best New Restaurant: Art's Pub

Punk Taco — Second Place

Klavon’s — Runner Up

Best Olive Burger: Kewpee Sandwich Shop

Dagwood’s Tavern & Grill — Runner Up

Olympic Broil — Second Place

Best Pancakes: Golden Harvest Restaurant

Sophias House of Pancakes — Second Place

Good Truckin’ Diner — Runner Up

Best Pizza: DeLuca's

The Cosmos — Second Place

Art’s Pub — Runner Up

Best Ramen: Ruckus Ramen

Sapporo Ramen — Second Place

City Limits — Runner Up

Best Ranch Dressing: DeLuca's

Jet’s Pizza — Second Place

Art’s Pub — Runner Up

Best Restaurant Beer List: HopCat

Lansing Brewing Co. — Second Place

Crunchy’s — Runner Up

Best Restaurant for Seniors: Coral Gables

Spud’s Family Restaurant — Second Place

Denny’s — Runner Up

Best Restaurant Wine List: Dusty's Cellar

Bridge Street Social — Second Place

Capital Prime — Runner Up

Best Reuben:  Stateside Deli

Meat BBQ — Second Place

Claddagh Irish Pub — Runner Up

Best Salad/Salad Bar: Horrocks

Leaf — Second Place

Sparrow Hospital — Runner Up

Best Seafood: Mitchell's Fish Market

Maru — Second Place

Red Lobster — Runner Up

Best Signature Dish: Zaytoon's Chicken Shawarma

Good Truckin Diner's Bourbon Street French Toast — Runner Up

Meat BBQ 's Meat Mountain — Second Place

Best Sliders: Green Dot Stables

Saddleback BBQ — Second Place

Lansing Brewing Company — Runner Up

Best Sub Sandwich:  Jersey Giant Submarine Sandwiches

Mancino’s — Second Place

Jimmy Johns — Runner Up

Best Sushi: Maru

Sansu — Second Place

Ukai Hibachi Grill & Sushi Bar — Runner Up

Best Soup: Soup Spoon Cafe

Horrocks Farm Market — Second Place

Panera Bread — Runner Up

Best Steak: Capital Prime

Airport Tavern — Second Place

Texas Roadhouse — Runner Up

Best Tacos: Punk Taco

El Oasis — Second Place

Pancho’s Taqueria (Food Truck) — Runner Up

Best Thai:  Bangkok House

Taste of Thai —Second Place

Niang Myanmar Family Restaurant —Runner Up

Best Upscale Dining: English Inn

Capital Prime — Second Place

Bridge Street Social — Runner Up

Best Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free Restaurant: Zaytoon

Street Kitchen — Second Place

Soup Spoon Cafe —Runner Up

Best Wings: Buffalo Wild Wings

Meat. Southern BBQ — Second Place

Eastside Fish Fry —Runner Up


Best Hangouts

Best Biggby: 270 W. Grand River, East Lansing

8741 W Saginaw Hwy, West Lansing — Second Place

2546 E. Jolly Rd., Lansing — Runner Up

Best Bowling Alley: Spare Time

Royal Scot — Second Place

City Limits - Mason — Runner Up

Best Coffee Shop (Non-Biggby): Blue Owl

Strange Matter - Michigan Ave. — Second Place

Horrocks — Runner Up

Best Comedy Night: Mac's Bar

The Unicorn — Second Place

Crunchy’s — Runner Up

Best Dog Park: Hawk Island Park

Northern Tail Dog Park — Second Place

Dewitt Dog Park — Runner Up

Best Escape Room Venue: Breakout - Escape Rooms

epIQ escapes — Second Place

Escapology Escape Rooms Lansing — Second Place

Escape Rooms Portland Michigan — Runner Up

Best Golf Course: Eagle Eye Golf Club

Hawk Hollow Golf Course — Second Place

Groesbeck Golf Course — Runner Up

Best Hangout for Seniors: Coral Gables

Lansing Mall — Second Place

Soup Spoon Cafe — Runner Up

Best Hangout for Students: Pinball Pete's

Crunchy’s — Second Place

The Peanut Barrel — Runner Up

Best Place to Hang Out Solo: Blue Owl Coffee

Strange Matter Coffee — Second Place

Art’s Pub — Runner Up

Best Movie Theater: NCG Cinema

Celebration — Second Place

Studio C! — Runner Up

Best Music Venue:  Green Door

The Loft — Second Place

The Robin Theatre — Runner Up

Best Non-Bar or Restaurant Date: Horrocks

Lansing Lugnuts — Second Place

Walk on River Trail — Runner Up

Best Patio: Lansing Brewing Co.

El Azteco East — Second Place

Waterfront Bar & Grill — Runner Up

Best Place of Worship: Riverview Church

St. Gerard Catholic Church — Second Place

Trinity Church — Runner Up

Best Place to Play Video Games: The Grid Arcade & Bar

Pinball Pete’s — Second Place

At Home — Runner Up

Best Place to Return Cans: Meijer

Kroger — Second Place

MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center — Runner Up

Best Place to Shoot Pool: The Avenue Cafe

Pinball Pete’s — Second Place

Green Dot Stables — Runner Up

Best Place to Sled: Hawk Island Park

Deadmans Winter Sports Complex — Runner Up

Frandor - Ranney Park — Second Place

Best Pool:  East Lansing Family Aquatic Center

Moores Park Swimming Pool — Second Place

IM Sports Circle — Runner Up

Best Local Attraction for Kids: Impression 5 Science Center

Potter Park Zoo — Second Place

District 5 — Runner Up

Best Public Park: Hawk Island

Fenner Nature Center — Second Place

Fitzgerald Park — Runner Up

Best Smoke Shop/Hookah Lounge: Wild Bill's

Campbell’s Smoke Shop — Second Place

The Haven Smoke Shop — Runner Up

Best Swimming: Lake Michigan

East Lansing Family Aquatic Center — Second Place

Moores Park Swimming Pool — Runner Up

Best Trivia Night: Harry's Place

The Claddagh Irish Pub — Second Place

Crunchy’s — Runner Up


Best Local Arts

Best Cover Band: Starfarm

Tell Yo Mama — Second Place

Shelby and Jake — Runner Up

Best Artist:  Ryan Holmes

Stephanie Hogan — Second Place

Tater Tot Noxious — Runner Up

Best Classical Musician: Rodney Page

Ed Fedewa — Second Place

Sergei Kvitko — Runner Up

Best Club DJ: DJ Ruckus

Capitol City DJs —Second Place

Scratch Pilots — Runner Up

Best Country Artist/Band: Jonestown Crows

Goddamn Gallows — Second Place

Shelby Ann-Marie — Runner Up

Best Experimental Musical Act: Atomic Boogaloo

Cavalcade — Second Place

Wolf Eyes — Runner Up

Best Folk Artist/Band: Frog & The Beeftones

The Swift Brothers — Second Place

Lansing Unionized Vaudeville

Spectacle — Runner Up

Best Hip-Hop Artist/Group: Mr. Idgaf and the Back of the Class

Ozay Moore — Second Place

Proffessor Zephyr — Runner Up

Best Jazz Musician: Root Doctor

MSU Professors of Jazz — Second Place

Phil Denny — Runner Up

Best Local Theatre Group: Riverwalk Theatre

Peppermint Creek Theatre —Second Place

MSU Department of Theatre — Runner Up

Best Pottery Studio: Wheel House Pottery Studio

Greater Lansing Potters’ Guild — Second Place

Red Barn Pottery, Williamston — Runner Up

Best Punk/Metal Group: Goddamn Gallows

Heart of Jordan — Second Place

Handsome Pete — Runner Up

Best Public Art/Sculpture: Sparty

Old Town Mural by Nanibah Chacon — Second Place

Portrait of a Dreamer — Runner Up

Best Rock Artist/Band:

Frog & The Beeftones

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers — Runner Up

Tell Yo Mama — Second Place


Best People

Best Advocate/Activist: Gretchen Whitmer

Mike Karl — Second Place

Rachael Denhollander — Runner Up

Best Bartender: Christian Gray (Bridge Street Social)

George Chammas (Spiral) — Second Place

Sami Hutting (The Watershed) — Runner Up

Best Budtender:  Whitney Spotts (Stateside and Old 27)

Joe Old 27 Wellness — Second Place

Carl from Homegrown —Runner Up

Best CATA Bus Driver: Ron DeLeon

Lamarr Braggs — Second Place

Al - Route #3  — Runner Up

Best Chef: Sean (Meat BBQ)

Zane Vicknair (The People’s Kitchen) — Second Place

Jennifer Medler (Capital Prime) — Runner Up

Best College Instructor: Jon Whiting (MSU)

Helen Veit (MSU) — Second Place

Cindi McKenney (LCC) — Runner Up

Best Event/Wedding DJ: DJ JD

Rodney Page — Second Place

Tunes by T — Runner Up

Best Food Delivery Person: Jose (Jose's Cuban Sandwich

Zane Vicknair (Streetkitchen)

— Second Place

Beth Colston (Cottage Inn)

— Runner Up

Best Hair Stylist: Ashley Medina (Bliss Salon)

Seth Ortega (Ulta) — Second Place

Taylor Wardowski (Ulta) — Runner Up

Best High School Coach: Pat O’Keefe (Grand Ledge High School)

Rocky Shaft - Holt High School

— Second Place

Chris Tyler (Waverly High School)

— Runner Up

Best High School Teacher: Sara Zeko (Grand Ledge High School)

Rachel Baldwin (Okemos High School) — Second Place

Penny Filonczuk (Everett High School) — Runner Up

Best Massage Therapist: Bee Queener (Bee Queener Massage) and Kate Prouty (Patient Relaxation)

Angela Joseph — Runner Up

Best Local/State Politician: Gretchen Whitmer

Tom Barrett — Second Place

Andy Schor — Runner Up

Best MSU President: None of Them

Lou Anna K. Simon — Runner Up

Satish Udpa — Second Place

Best MSU Trustee: None of Them

Dianne Byrum — Second Place

Kelly Tebay — Runner Up

Best Personal Trainer: Abdullah Muhammed  (Core Wellness)

Brian Daniels - emPOWer Lansing — Second Place

Nikki Raccine - Ledge Sweat Shop — Runner Up

Best Police Officer:

Officer Aiko (Bath Township Police Department)

Frank Medrano (City of Grand Ledge) — Second Place

Matt Dedyne (Clinton County Sheriff’s Office) — Runner Up

Best Realtor:

Lisa Fata & Lisa Ramont (Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood)

Dani Fairman (Berkshire Hathaway) — Second Place

Lauren Flannery (Coldwell Banker) — Runner Up

Best Restaurant Waitstaff Person: Tim (Golden Harvest)

Chelsea Brown (Cugino’s) — Second Place

Adrian Smith (Buffalo Wild Wings) — Runner Up

Best Local TV News Personality Emily Wahls (WLNS)

Sheri Jones (WLNS) — Second Place

Andy Provenzano  (WILX) — Runner Up

Best Yoga Instructor: Belinda (Just B Yoga)

Deb Hart (Hilltop) — Second Place

Belanger (Sarah Belanger Yoga / MI Hot Yoga) — Runner Up

Worst Local/State Politician: Bill Schuette 

All of Them — Second Place

Bishop  — Runner Up

Worst MSU President: All of Them

John Engler — Second Place

Simon — Runner Up

Worst MSU Trustee: Joel Ferguson

George Perles — Second Place

Dianne Byrum — Runner Up

Best Services

Best Accountant/CPA: Simplified Tax

Maner Costerisan — Second Place

Plante Moran — Runner Up

Best Apartments: Aspen Lakes Estates

Canal Club Apartments — Second Place

Marketplace Apartments — Runner Up

Best Audiologist/Hearing: Mid-Michigan Ear Nose & Throat

Advanced Audiology: Linda Wright — Second Place

Fluke Hearing — Runner Up

Best Auto Repair:  Frankie D's Holt

Keusch Auto and Tire — Second Place

Mason Auto Body Repair Inc — Runner Up

Best Bank: Dart Bank

PNC Bank — Second Place

Huntington Bank — Runner Up

Best Barbershop:  Frandor Barbershop

Jude’s Barbershop — Second Place

The Good Life Shaving Co. — Runner Up

Best Bed and Breakfast:  The English Inn

Wild Goose Inn — Second Place

Cozy Koi — Runner Up

Best Bicycle Shop: Velocipede Peddler

SPIN Bicycle Shop — Second Place

Riverfront Cycle — Runner Up 

Best Cab Company:  Big Daddy Taxi

Green Cab — Second Place

Yellow Cab — Runner Up

Best Car Wash/Detailing Service: Kwik Car Wash

Soapy Joe’s — Second Place

Fast Eddie’s — Runner Up

Best Caterer/Catering Company: Meat BBQ

Zaytoon — Second Place

Saddleback BBQ — Runner Up

Best Cemetery: Mt. Hope Cemetery

St. Joseph Cemetery — Second Place

DeepDale Memorial Gardens — Runner Up

Best Cleaning Service: Domestic Divas

Aunt Jo Jo’s — Runner Up

Peckham Inc. - Lansing — Second Place

Best Chiropractor: Creative Wellness

Craft Chiropractic — Second Place

Volz Family Chiropractic — Runner Up

Best Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr. George Poletes

Michigan Plastic Surgery: Dr. Lee Colony — Second Place

Dr. Michelle Southard — Runner Up

Best Credit Union: MSU Federal Credit Union

Lake Trust Credit Union — Second Place

Lansing Automakers Federal Credit Union (LAFCU) — Runner Up

Best Dance Studio: Happendance

Rising Star Studio of Dance — Second Place

The Hive — Runner Up

Best Day Spa: Douglas J. Salon

Bliss Salon Spa Boutique — Second Place

Zoe Life Spa and Salon — Runner Up

Best Dentist: McNiel Family Dentistry, PC

Mashni Dentistry — Second Place

Valley Dental Spa — Runner Up

Best Developer: Gillespie Co.

T.A. Forsberg Inc. — Second Place

Motz Homes — Runner Up

Best Development: The Peoples Kitchen

600 Michigan Avenue — Second Place

SkyVue Apartments — Runner Up

Best Dry Cleaners: Baryames

Maurer’s — Second Place

Twichells — Runner Up

Best Food Delivery Service: Jimmy John's

Grubhub —Second Place

UberEats — Runner Up

Best Funeral Home: Gorsline Runciman Funeral Homes

Peters & Murray Funeral Home — Second Place

Palmer Bush & Jensen Funeral — Runner Up

Best Gym/Fitness Studio: Michigan Athletic Club

The Barre Code - East Lansing — Second Place

YAY FIT — Runner Up

Best Heating/Cooling/Plumbing  Company: Michigan Plumbing

A-1 Mechanical — Second Place

Bartlett Plumbing and Heating — Runner Up

Best Home Health Care Company:  Sparrow Home Care

By Dawn’s Early Light Home Care Service — Runner Up

Optimal Medical Staffing — Second Place

Best Insurance Agent/Agency: Rathbun Agency Inc.

Holt & Dimondale Agency — Second Place

The Diver Agency Farm Bureau Insurance — Runner Up

Best Landscaping Company:  Hammond Farms Landscape Supply

The Plant Professionals — Second Place

Stiles Lawn, Landscaping & Snow

Removal Inc. — Runner Up

Best Lawyer/Law Firm: Foster Swift Collins & Smith

Sinas Dramis Law Firm — Second Place

Abood Law Firm — Runner Up

Best Marijuana Dispensary: Old 27 Wellness

Pure Options — Second Place

HomeGrown Provisioning Center — Runner Up

Best Massage Studio: Creative Wellness

Zoe Life Spa and Salon — Second Place

Bliss Salon & Spa — Runner Up

Most Trustworthy Business: Business Playmakers

Schuler Books — Second Place

Elderly Instruments — Runner Up

Best Music Lessons: Marshall Music

Elderly Instruments — Second Place

Sigh Studio of Music — Runner Up

Best Nail Salon: Polished Nail Salon

Bliss Salon & Spa — Second Place

Jenny Nails — Runner Up

Best News Source: City Pulse

WLNS — Second Place

WILX — Runner Up

Best Nonprofit Organization (Local): Ele's Place

Capital Area Humane Society — Second Place

Allen Neighborhood Center — Runner Up

Best Oil Change: Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Fast Eddie’s Car Wash and Oil Change — Second Place

Frankie D's  — Runner Up

Best Optometrist: L.O. Eye Care

Rule Eye Care Associates — Second Place

Holt Eye Care PLLC — Runner Up

Best Pest Control Company: Rose Exterminating

Bug Man — Second Place

Orkin Pest & Termite Control — Runner Up

Best Pet Grooming: Wag 'N Tails

Doggy Daycare and Spa — Second Place

AnnaBelle’s Pet Station — Runner Up

Best Photographer/Photography Service:  LeMae Photography

Magan Konoski - Fine Art Photographer — Second Place

McShane Photography — Runner Up

Best Piercer: Aaron Wood (Ink Therapy Lansing )

Hollywood Justin (Ink and Needle South) — Second Place

Renee McKeith (Splash of Color) — Runner Up

Best Pharmacy: Meijer Pharmacy

Ware’s Pharmacy — Second Place

Walgreen's — Runner Up

Best Post Office: Collins Road

East Lansing — Second Place

Holt — Runner Up

Best PR Firm: M3 Group

Piper & Gold Public Relations — Second Place

Martin Waymire — Runner Up

Best Property Management Co.: Gillespie Group

DTN Management Company — Second Place

Housing Management — Runner Up

Best Radio Station: 100.7 WITL

97.5 WJIM — Second Place

94.9 WMMQ — Runner Up

Best Residential Remodeling Co.: Odd Fellows Contracting, Inc.

Precision Roofing Services — Second Place

Custom Built Design & Remodeling — Runner Up

Best Senior Living: The Willows at East Lansing

Independence Village Grand Ledge — Second Place

Ingham County Medical Care — Runner Up

Best Storage Facility: U-Haul Moving & Storage at Jolly & Cedar

Stop ‘n' Lock Self Storage — Second Place

Prime Storage — Runner Up

Best Salon: Capellini

Douglas J — Second Place

Profiles Hair Salon — Runner Up

Best Tailor/Seamstress: Nu the Tailor

Silver Thread — Second Place

Liz’s Alterations — Runner Up

Best Tanning: J2 Tanning

Planet Fitness — Second Place

Pacific Tan — Runner Up

Best Tattoo Parlor: Fish Ladder Tattoo Co.

Ink Therapy Lansing — Second Place

Splash of Color — Runner Up

Best Veterinarian Services: Waverly Animal Hospital Boarding & Grooming

Miller Animal Clinic — Second Place

Patterson Veterinary Hospital - Mason — Runner Up

Best Wedding Services: HotBeats Entertainment

Twiggies — Second Place

A Lovely Day — Runner Up

Weddings By Nicole — Runner Up

Best Yoga Studio: Hilltop Yoga

Just B Yoga — Second Place

Firefly Hot Yoga Bar — Runner Up


Best Shopping

Best Antique Shop: DeWitt Mega Mall

Maple Street Mall – Mason — Second Place

Vintage Junkies — Runner Up

Best Art Gallery: Broad Art Museum

Lansing Art Gallery — Second Place

Absolute Gallery — Runner Up

Best Asian Market: Oriental Mart

Z Z's Market — Second Place

Lotte Market — Runner Up

Best Beer Selection in Retail Store: Horrocks

Oade’s Big Ten - East Lansing — Second Place

MegaBev — Runner Up

Best Bookstore (locally owned): Schuler Books

Curious Books — Second Place

Everybody Reads — Runner Up

Best Butcher: Monticello's Market & Butcher Block

Merindorf Meats - Mason — Second Place

Horrocks — Runner Up

Best Candy Shop: Horrocks

Fabianos Candies — Second Place

Keans Store — Runner Up

Best Cheese Department: Horrocks Farm Market

Whole Foods Market — Second Place

Monticello's Market & Butcher Block — Runner Up

Best Clothing Store: Curvaceous Lingerie

Playmakers — Second Place

Grace Boutique — Runner Up

Best Comic Shop: Summit Comics & Games

Hollow Mountain Comics Games and Collectibles — Second Place

Mr Dale's Tradin' Cards LLC — Runner Up

Best Consignment Shop: Kellies’ Consignments

Metro Retro — Second Place

Once Upon a Child — Runner Up

Best Farmers Market: Meridian Farmers Market

Allen Farmers Market — Second Place

Market Holt Farmers Market — Runner Up

Best Florist: Horrocks

VanAtta’s Greenhouse & Flower Shop — Second Place

Where The Wild Things Bloom — Runner Up

Best Furniture Store: Michigan Barn Wood & Salvage LLC

Pilgrim House Furniture — Second Place

Vintage Junkies — Runner Up

Best Gardening Center: Horrocks

VanAtta’s Greenhouse & Flower Shop — Second Place

Lansing Gardens — Runner Up

Best Gas Station: Costco Fuel

Speedway — Second Place

Speedway US 127 in DeWitt — Runner Up

Best Gift Shop:  Kean's Store

Old Town General Store — Second Place

October Moon — Runner Up

Best Grocery Store (locally owned): Horrocks

Westlund's Apple Market — Second Place

Monticellos Market & Butcher Block — Runner Up

Best Hardware Store: Vet's Ace Hardware

Menards — Second Place

Great Lakes Ace Hardware — Runner Up

Best Hot Tub/Pool/Sauna Store: Heat & Sweep

Hotwater Works — Second Place

Classic Pool & Spa Inc. — Runner Up

Best Hunting Store: Cabela's

Jay's Sporting Goods — Second Place

Total Firearms — Runner Up

Best Indoor Grow Shop: HTG Supply Hydroponics & Grow Light

Capital City Grower Supply — Second Place

H20 Lansing — Second Place

Indoor Grow Store — Runner Up

Best Jewelry Store: Sweet Custom Jewelry

Medawar Jewelers — Second Place

Becky Beauchine Kulka — Runner Up

Best Liquor Store  Oades Big Ten Party Store West

Mega-Bev — Second Place

ABC Liquor — Runner Up

Best Musical Instrument Store: Elderly Instruments

Marshall Music — Second Place

Music Manor — Runner Up

Best Organic/Natural Market: Horrocks

Fresh Thyme — Second Place

Foods for Living — Runner Up

Best Outdoor/Camping Store: Cabela's

Moosejaw — Second Place

REI — Runner Up

Best Pawn/Secondhand Shop: Dicker & Deal

Volunteers of America — Second Place

St. Vincent De Paul — Runner Up

Best Pet Store: Preuss Pets

Soldan's — Second Place

Petsmart — Runner Up

Best Quality Dairy: 8512 W Saginaw Hwy - Lansing

2400 E Michigan Ave Lansing — Second Place

804 Willow Hwy., Grand Ledge — Runner Up

Best Record/CD Store: Flat, Black & Circular

Record Lounge — Second Place

Schuler Books — Runner Up

Best Sex Shop: Cirilla's

Lion's Den — Second Place

Fantasies Unlimited / Club Tabu — Runner Up

Best Thrift Shop: Volunteers of America MI

St Vincent De Paul — Second Place

Thrift Witch — Runner Up

Metro Retro — Runner Up

Best Tire Store: Discount Tire

Belle Tire — Second Place

Tasmanian Tire Co — Runner Up

Best Used Car Dealership: Shaheen Chevrolet

Sundance Chevrolet — Second Place

Feldman Bud Kouts Chevrolet Parts — Runner Up

Best Vape Shop: Wild Bill's

Kalamazoo Vapor- Frandor — Second Place

Joost Vapor — Runner Up

Best Wine Shop: Horrocks

Dusty’s Cellar — Second Place

Vine & Brew — Runner Up


Best Whatever

Cleanest Public Restroom: Horrocks

Lansing Brewing Company — Second Place

BAD Brewing — Runner Up

Best Category We Didn’t Think Of: Event/Festival

New Business — Second Place

Haunted Attraction — Runner Up

Best Casino (anywhere): Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

FireKeepers Casino Hotel — Second Place

Greektown Casino — Runner Up

Best Day Trip: Anywhere on Lake Michigan

Frankenmuth — Runner Up

Grand Haven — Second Place

Best Eye Candy Building: The Capitol

Broad Art Museum — Second Place

Looking Glass Brewing Company — Runner Up

Best Eye Candy Neighborhood: Moores River Drive Area

Old Town — Second Place

East Lansing, West of Campus — Runner Up

Best High School: Grand Ledge

East Lansing — Second Place

Holt High School — Runner Up

Best Outdoor Adventure: The Ledges at Fitzgerald Park

Potter Park Zoo — Second Place

River Trail — Runner Up

Best Place to Work: MSU

State of Michigan — Second Place

Sparrow Health System — Runner Up

Best Local Art Festival: East Lansing Art Festival

Old Town Jazz Fest — Second Place

Scrapfest — Runner Up

Best WI-FI Spot: Biggby (Any Location)

Blue Owl Coffee — Second Place

Capital Area District Library — Runner Up

Worst Pothole: Mt. Hope Ave. between Aurelius Rd and 127 overpass

All of South Cedar Street — Second Place

Saginaw Street near Frandor — Runner Up


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