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That New Place takes over In KinD Bakery for good


When City Pulse covered That New Place in February, it was a small pop-up operating four days per week for three weeks at In KinD Bakery in Williamston. Now, it has evolved into a full restaurant and bakery, taking over In KinD’s old location, with power couple Carrie Ballou and Ray Priebe serving up an array of creative dishes.

“When it comes to baking, for me, it’s all about play,” Ballou said. “Some people say that cooking is a science, which it is, but I love taking ingredients and seeing what new, exciting things I can create.”

That New Place’s menu reflects its chefs’ adventurous and creative spirits. During the week, customers can enjoy savory lunch sandwiches like the House Cuban, which consists of freshly baked focaccia bread topped with bo ssam pork (Korean spiced pork shoulder), rosemary ham, sweet-hot pickles, gruyere cheese and a house-made mojito sauce. It pairs well with Ballou’s famous Black and Blue Pi, a combination of fresh blackberries and blueberries inside a flaky, crumbly crust, adorned with the mathematical symbol for pi. The chefs at That New Place also plan to expand the restaurant’s sweet and savory pie options, including chicken pot pie and a beef pie with meat that’s braised in M-43 New England IPA from Old Nation Brewing Co. in Williamston.

On the weekends, customers can take advantage of the business’ expanded all-day brunch menu, which includes a wide array of breakfast classics like quiches, frittatas and biscuits and gravy. It also offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, too. 

“Most people aren’t too excited when they hear ‘vegan’ and ‘gluten-free’ when talking about food, so we want to create items that are enticing and make folks want to take a bite,” Ballou said.

The Whole Grain Waffle, for example, is a vegan waffle made with flaxseed, whole-wheat and buckwheat flours and pecans. It’s served with a choice of maple syrup or seasonal house-made syrup. Savory vegetarian options include a succotash that’s made with roasted corn, redskin and sweet potatoes, peppers, onions and black beans in lieu of lima beans.

“No one eats lima beans, let’s be honest,” Ballou said. 

The succotash is served with an egg basted in tomatillo sauce and a side of mojito sauce. 

In addition to its delicious menu, the vibe at That New Place is just as warm and inviting as Ballou and Priebe. The walls of the restaurant are covered in art inspired by Michigan’s beautiful natural landscapes, and customers are encouraged to learn more about the local artists that created each piece. Lone diners can pop a squat at the counter or sit at one of the available tables. A bookshelf in the corner of the restaurant holds dozens of cookbooks and other culinary tomes that have inspired each chef’s culinary experience. 

With so many new dishes and customers, Ballou and Priebe are looking to hire staff to help keep up with the newfound demand. Folks interested in working at That New Place are encouraged to bring their resume to the restaurant or email it to


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