One of Lansing’s biggest and oldest trees falls


MONDAY, Oct. 14 — Lansing has lost one of its oldest and biggest trees.

On an unwindy Friday night, a colossal section of a bur oak tree dating back at least to the 1800s and possibly the 1700s came down behind Cozy Koi Bed and Breakfast, 720 Seymour Ave. It damaged fencing, an awning and a wheelchair-accessible ramp to one of Cosy Koi’s two houses. The branch stretched across a 60-foot lot and into five parking spots at LCC’s employee parking lot.

Cozy Koi owner Diane Sanborn is looking at quotes around $3,500 for removal of the 90-foot titan, which has a rotted and hollow trunk. An arborist told her the tree was most likely 200 to 300 years old, she said.

“It’s older than the Capitol and was here before these houses were built,” Sanborn said. “I had people that were supposed to be staying here Friday and Saturday night. They were going to be in the handicap accessible room and they were not feeling well enough so they canceled. Thank God. Their car would’ve been parked here and just decimated.”

Sanborn owned the properties for 31 years. She discovered the tree Saturday morning.

“This is age-related. It’s been through 60 mph winds all day long and was fine. I think it just reached the end of its life because it is dead in the center.”

The remainder must come down because if the other side were to fall it would take down her garage, gazebo and a neighbors’ garage, she said.

Sanborn is still negotiating with her insurance company on the appropriate course of action.

“There is a lot of good wood in here and my daughter thought we should make a coffee table out of it. I thought that was a great idea.”

The bed-and-breakfast is still open for business, albeit with a few less parking spots.


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