L.A. vibes meet MI highs

Wizard Trees x Deep East Oakland Farms collab drops at Pure Options


From humble beginnings growing weed in basements and closets to becoming two of the most prolific names in California’s cannabis scene, Deep East Oakland Farms and Wizard Trees know how to breed and cultivate high-quality, terpene-rich products. 

The award-winning duo released some of their most sought-after strains to the Michigan cannabis market on July 14: RS-11 and RS-54, plus a 1-gram live resin disposable vape of their popular Zoap strain.  Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from this new drop, which is exclusively available at Pure Options.

Zoap live resin disposable vape | 77.34% THC | 6.07% terpenes | $30/g

Winner of the Best Overall category at the 2022 Zalympix in California, Zoap is created by crossing Rainbow Sherbert and Pink Guava Pheno #21. I really enjoy smoking this hybrid strain in flower form, so I was super excited to find that the live resin tastes exactly the same: sweet but slightly sour, like overripe fruit. It creates a lovely head high that makes me feel focused and at ease. 

This vape has the same design as the Pure Options x Skunk House Genetics vapes I wrote about in a recent Lansterdam article. While I appreciate the sleekness of its ergonomic design and its rechargeable battery, I really wish it included the name of the strain it contains. If I had a few of these all-white vapes, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart until after I inhaled. This Russian-roulette selection process can be avoided by simply writing the name of the strain on the battery in Sharpie, but I digress.

RS-11 | 20.18% THC | $40/3.5g

According to a 2021 interview between Deep East and LA Weekly, Rainbow Sherbert #11, more popularly known as RS-11, was bred through the open pollination of six strains and became a hit among team members for its Sunset Sherbert lineage. RS-11’s dark, blue-green buds are covered in orange hairs and smell like cloves and citrus. In my bong, the flower gives off a berry flavor that’s simultaneously spicy and earthy. 

After a few bong rips, RS-11 makes me feel relaxed yet alert. It was a great strain to smoke before diving deeper into the underground chasms of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.” I was glued to my Nintendo Switch for hours thanks to RS-11’s couch-lock effects. If you’re looking for a strain that’s deeply relaxing but not sedating, definitely pick up an eighth or two.

RS-54 | 29.63% THC | $40/3.5g

After germinating 100 Rainbow Sherbert seeds, Deep East and Wizards Trees worked together to create one of their most glamorous strains yet: RS-54, aka Studio 54. This potent, indica-dominant strain is created by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Pink Guava #54. 

After just one bowl, I felt a wave of relaxation hit my body, followed by the deep urge to eat everything in my kitchen. Once I got my snacks, I settled into my couch and binged the first season of “The Bear” on Hulu, then fell asleep shortly after. If you’re looking for a strain that will help you kick back and chill out, RS-54 is a great option.

Nugget of news: Michigan ends state employment cannabis testing

Finding a job may have just gotten easier for some folks in the Great Lakes State. On July 12, the Michigan Civil Service Commission unanimously voted to partially lift a longstanding ban on hiring state employees who fail pre-employment drug screens for cannabis. Additionally, people who have been rejected from roles for cannabis use will now be able to reapply for employment.

Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, wrote in May that conventional urine tests “only identify the non-psychoactive byproducts that linger in the body’s blood and urine well after a substance’s mood-altering effects have subsided.”

“In short,” Armentano wrote, “a positive cannabis test result does not provide any definitive information regarding an employee’s frequency of cannabis use, when they last consumed it or whether they were under the influence of the substance at the time the drug screening was administered.”

Jase Bolger, chair of the Michigan Civil Service Commission, stated, “If somebody overindulges in alcohol on Friday night, they shouldn’t do it. I don’t think that they should be getting high on Friday night. But Monday morning, when they come to work, they’re likely not under the influence of either, so we’re going to treat them the same.”

Healthcare workers, members of law enforcement and those working with heavy machinery will still be required to undergo pre-employment drug screens. 


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