Gentle Earth Sound Therapy offering virtual sound meditation sessions 


Autumn Stillness with Gentle Earth Sound Therapy

Sunday, Sept. 27, 8 p.m.

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FRIDAY, Sept. 25 — Is the stress of surviving during a pandemic starting to get to you? Maybe it’s time to sit back, relax, pause for a moment and reflect. Lansing's Gentle Earth Sound Therapy and Holistic Wellness is holding weekly virtual sound meditation sessions that could help you out.  

In honor of the season, this week’s event is titled, “Autumn Stillness.” It aims to help participants reach inner peace through stillness and deep listening. On its website, Gentle Earth encourages attendees to “be present to all that is within and around you. Exhale and relax. Drop into the silences in between the sounds and rest there.” 

Sound therapy may seem like a strange concept, but it’s fairly self-explanatory. The leader of the session and founder of Gentle Earth, Betty Gauthier, will play a variety of soothing instruments meant to heal the mind and spirit. While she creates a cacophony of relaxing sound, Gauthier also uses soothing words to push participants towards introspection and tranquil stillness.  

Gentle Earth Sound Therapy incorporates tuning forks, Himalayan singing bowls, gongs and various percussion instruments during its meditation sessions. Sound therapy is supposed to help regulate the body’s natural rhythms. The Gentle Earth website claims, “Our genes are not programmed to function at a continuous fast pace day in and day out and many of us don’t know how to slow down — how to get our body rhythms to entrain at a slower rhythm.” 

For the best sound quality, Gentle Earth recommends connecting your computer or smartphone to headphones during the meditation session.  

The event will take place on the Gentle Earth Sound Therapy and Holistic Wellness Facebook page. It is free, but donations are encouraged. To cover the costs of planning these meditation sessions, Gentle Earth is accepting donations through its PayPal.  



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