Eye Candy of the Week: corner of Sycamore and Ionia streets


Built in 1878, this stately, 3,000-square-foot home sits on the corner of Sycamore and Ionia streets, near the edge of the original city limits of Lansing. The home is sturdy, well-kept and brimming with local history.  

Consistent with Queen Anne style popular at the time, the building features dormers, steep roofs and delicate woodwork throughout. Decorative pediments fill the gables and top the windows and doors. The house has been well maintained by its owners of the last 15 years, Stephanie and Bill Whitbeck (the latter a retired state Appeals Court judge), whose approach to upkeep includes solving small problems before they become out of control and renting the home to people who appreciate its history and aesthetic.  

A short walk from the Capitol and the Hall of Justice, the house was a prime residence for judges, lawmakers and politicians. None were as famous, though, as Michigan Supreme Court Justice Leland Carr.  

After World War II, the state capital was rife with corruption. The national spotlight was on Lansing after a bribery scheme between state legislators resulted in the murder of a state senator. Justice Leland Carr was appointed as a one-man grand jury to sort out the web of crime and malfeasance. He did just that, convicting dozens of state legislators, lobbyists and even a former lieutenant governor.  

This historical home is for sale and listed at $339,285.  


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