Eagle Township, Clinton County Board Meeting Synopsis


January 18, 2024, at 6 pm -   Present: Supervisor Stroud, Clerk Briggs-Dudley, Trustee Strahle, Treasurer C. Hoppes, Trustee M. Hoppes and 23 citizens.  

Board Actions:

  1. Adopted resolution 01-18-2024-01 Resolution to Terminate Industrial Development District 2023-1.
  2. Accepted the percentage for the LGRFA Operations Budget for 2024.
  3. Approved bills for January 2024.
  4. Denied AccuMed Hardship consideration request to cancel EMS fee.
  5. Adopted resolution 01-18-2024-02 Resolution Appointing an Eagle Township Enforcement Official.
  6. Approved website hosting for Planning and Zoning as part of the existing website. 
  7. Approved implementing BS&A Cloud software for Planning and Zoning. 
  8. Approved to set aside recommendation from the Planning Commission to amend the Interim Zoning Ordinance regarding lot splits.
  9. Requested the Planning Commission to look at existing non-conforming lots for recommending updates to the Interim Zoning Ordinance.
  10. Requested the Planning Commission to review Eagle Township land division ordinances.
  11. Approved appointing Brad Rich to the Eagle Township Planning Commission. 
  12. Approved appointments to the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  13. Approved Supervisor to respond to City of Portland email on the Master Plan. 
  14. Approved increase in cost to $2500 for distribution of a newsletter for the Master Plan.
  15. Approved rental of the Eagle Park Reception Hall for the Public Engagement event.
  16. Approved $4000 budget amendment for Township Hall Maintenance.
  17. Approved township hall maintenance to average 30 hours per month or less.
  18. Approved McKenna presenting a webinar for Planning Commission training. 
  19. Approved the auditor to provide a presentation of FY 22-23 audit results.
  20. Approved continued investigation on insurance options for the Township.
  21. Approved update to 2024 Poverty Exemption Guidelines.


A complete copy of the minutes is available by contacting Laurie Briggs-Dudley, Clerk.

Next regular meeting of the Eagle Township Board is February 15, 2024, at 6 pm at Eagle Township Hall, 14318 Michigan St, Eagle, MI.   See www.eagletownship.org for latest updates.


Prepared by:   Laurie Briggs-Dudley, Eagle Township Clerk  

Approved by: Troy Stroud, Eagle Township Supervisor




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