Christine Timmon is on the ballot … and other curiosities


The eccentric political gadfly Christine Timmon is back.

Believe it or not, the litigious political agitator known for her rambling public access television show and wild appearances is running for the state House in St. Clair Shores, the 18th District represented by state Sen. Curtis Hertel’s brother.

“Capitol City Chris” is running as a Republican and has no shot at beating two-term Rep. Kevin Hertel, but the fact Timmon is back on the Michigan politics scene may have some politicians feeling a little uneasy.

For those unfamiliar with Timmon’s antics, give Virg Bernero a ring. About 15 years ago she railed against the senator-turned-mayor in whatever venue she could muster. She ran a public access show. She published her own hard-copy newspaper once.

The 78-year-old Eastpoint resident worked at the Detroit Edison Engineering Department a lifetime ago and has since pushed for government transparency through at least seven lawsuits.

She left for Florida a decade ago and wrapped herself into local and state politics in the Sunshine State. There, she advertised herself as a lieutenant gubernatorial candidate, but she never made the ballot.

Timmon is one of several colorful characters to make the ballot in 2020 as state representative candidates, none of whom have any chance at all of winning. Here they are:

— James Forrest Chapman, 21st House District: His well-established checkered past came before he showed up at the Capitol lawn with a Barbie doll wrapped around the end of a fishing pole to presumably protest the governor.

The Van Buren Township Republican is a habitual offender with a lengthy rap sheet interspersed with prior political runs. While of most his convictions are for petty crime, he was flagged for a felony assault charge in 1990.

— Michelle “Shelly” Gregoire, 62nd House District: The pro-liberty activist strode onto a closed state House gallery this spring with a couple of pals, blowing off a couple of House sergeants in the process. Security didn’t like that.

When requests to leave didn’t work, Chief Sergeant David Dickson dragged Gregorie out of the gallery by the arm as she yelled, “Don’t fucking touch me!”

— Chad Baase, 62nd House District: Before he started putting together a Recall Whitmer petition drive, the Albion Republican was sentenced to 30 months in prison for threatening to poison water supplies and kill court referees, county judges and their children.

Baase later said he was drunk and the time and neck deep in a contentious child custody matter with his former wife. Earlier this year, he was paroled from prison for a third drunk driving offense.

— Raymond and Lynne Freiberger, 50th House District: He’s running as a Democrat and she’s running as a Republican. Yes, for the same Genesee County seat. The friendly married couple want to unseat Rep. Tim Sneller so badly they’re willing to try twice. He in the primary and she in the General Election, if she wins her primary.

What happens if they both win their primaries and face each other in the General Election? “Well, I’ll probably kick her out of the house,” said Raymond, before pausing and saying. “No, she’ll probably kick me out. “

— Kevin Seamon, 94th House District: The self-proclaimed “government medium psychic” claims to be involved in a “real-life government assassin program with the Code Name “White Knight 196.”

According to Facebook, the 41-year-old Saginaw Democrat has worked at Delphi and as an auditor for a consulting company, but based on his prior claims, it probably wouldn’t hurt to double-check that.

— Shane Atwell, 97th House District: If elected, this 20-year-old progressive would be the youngest person ever sworn into office as a state representative at age 21 years, 1 month and 11 days.

— Elizabeth Goss, 27th House District: This Pleasant Ridge mother of six may be the only Michigan state House candidate to ever say she’s won on the game show “Jeopardy.“

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