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Babe's Corner sub and ice cream shop to open on Michigan Avenue


FRIDAY, April 30 — Aharon Hebert and Will Green, co-owners of Bangos food truck, are opening up a new restaurant called Babe's Corner. The new shop will offer a variety of fresh cold-cut sandwiches and gourmet soft-serve ice cream. And this isn't just another food truck, this time Hebert and Green have their very own brick-and-mortar space on Michigan Avenue. 

"Will and I are always thinking of new ideas. This spot opened up; we liked the corner and we brainstormed what we could do in this spot without investing $50,000," Hebert said. "We thought subs first and I was thinking about how I prefer soft-serve over hard-serve. We also thought this area was kind of empty for ice cream." 

The ice cream served at Babe's Corner is going to keep things simple but enticing. Green and Hebert aren't going to focus on having 40 different gimmicky flavors, rather they'll stick to the classics and offer delicious toppings like crushed cookies, cookie dough and peanut butter cups. 

"We'll have vanilla, chocolate, a weekly specialty flavor, and we'll also have one vegan special every week," Hebert said.  "We also might do a sundae special every week."

Babe's Corner's sandwiches will utilize fresh and local ingredients. The bread comes directly from Great Harvest in Lansing. Customers can expect denser sub rolls with sesame seeds on top. You can either order your own custom sandwich or leave it up to Babe's Corner's specialty menu to craft the perfect tasty combo. Like the ice cream, there will also be plenty of vegan options.

"It's our take on sub sandwiches. We'll have different sauces that we make that are special; there's going to be turkey, roast beef, Italian meats and all sorts of veggies," Hebert said. "There's going to be a few specialties, but people can always just say exactly what they want."

The specialty sandwiches on Babe's Corner's menu are all named after influential women in Hebert and Green's life. The decision was inspired by an experience Hebert had eating in a sandwich shop in Grand Rapids with his girlfriend, Melissa Libby, where the pair noticed that every single sandwich on the shop's incredibly large menu was named after a man. 

"The sandwiches are named after important women in our lives. Our grandmothers, our great aunts, people like that," Hebert said. 

Like the Bangos food truck, which uses a pastel and floral design, Babe's Corner's interior will be creative and colorful. Hebert said prints by local women artists will adorn the restaurant's walls. 

Hebert said people can expect to dine at Babe's Corner in late May or early June. 


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