Arrest incident leads to one LPD officer on administrative leave

Police chief: 'I saw something that was definitely concerning to me.'


WEDNESDAY, Nov. 11 —Lansing Police Chief Daryl Green told City Pulse today he has placed one Lansing officer on paid administrative leave following a preliminary review of body cam video (click here to watch) of an arrest last night in the 800 block of Baker Street.

“I saw something that was definitely concerning to me,” Green said in a phone interview. “The initial contact, the verbal communication just at the start of the video, was disappointing and concerning to me. From that, I wanted to make sure that officer did not return to the street until we had a chance to review all the video and reports.”

The officer who was placed on leave has not been identified.

According to a press release from the Lansing Police Department, officers were dispatched about 11:21 p.m. Tuesday to the 800 block of Baker Street for a fight involving five or six men.

Officers determined a 25-year-old male was the primary suspect in the assault incident.

LPD reported the 25-year-old resisted arrest, resulting in officers using a taser on him, as well as delivering “several strikes.” Once in custody the man was transported to a local hospital for medical review and lodged in the detention facility at city hall.

Video of  the end of the struggle with the 25-year-old has been circulating on social media. However, Green's decision to suspend the officer was based on body cam footage not shared with the public, he said.

Green stressed the administrative leave issued this morning was part of a very “preliminary” review of the incident.

The incident is being reviewed under “use of force” policies, he said. That will require Green and his team to review approximately 30 videos from body worn cameras and dashboard cameras. Then reviewing the written reports of all the officers involved, comparing them to the videos and determining if policies were followed.

“This will be an all-encompassing review of all the officers,” Green said. “This is a preliminary review, and maybe somebody else goes on administrative leave, maybe not.”


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