73rd Michigan Antiquarian Book & Paper Show in town on Sunday


“Things definitely have changed,” said Ray Walsh, who will stage the 73rd Michigan Antiquarian Book & Paper Show this weekend.

“Different types of books are collectible now,” said Walsh, longtime owner of Curious and Archives bookstores in East Lansing. First editions of Kurt Vonnegut and Stephen King have supplanted Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald and Steinbeck in the demand department.

Nostalgia is different, too. Where once it was Dick and Jane readers, today’s customers are more interested in winning sports teams, fashion magazines and weeklies such as the Saturday Evening Post and Life. “They love the old TV Guides with stories on new shows, like ‘Star Trek.’”

Walsh promised over 100 tables, with old atlases and a lot of local and Michigan history items, postcards, railroad schedules, recipes, car brochures and plenty of other ephemera. Among them: the Historical Society of Greater Lansing will have merchandise for sale.


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