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Wrinkles aside, we seniors aren’t much different from the rest

Donna Mullins is a retired social worker for the state of Michigan who lives in East Lansing. She volunteers for the Lansing chapter of the League of Women Voters.
Over one-sixth of our country is made up of people over 65. I’m a member of that group. And I am one of the lucky ones. I have a pension, social security and retirement investments that give me an income that matches my working income.
Victor Lyons, 61, of Lansing, in the tent encampment he calls home.

Lansing is part of a national crisis of homeless seniors

Nearly two years ago, Victor Lyons was working as a roofer. During a job, he stepped on a nail. The wound became infected, and Lyons landed in the hospital. The infection took the 61-year-old man’s left leg, and he found himself struggling to learn how to walk again.
Prime Time Seniors Program participants learn to play ukulele.

Seniors socialize, find balance through East Lansing’s Prime Time

Older people in my family have a simple, uplifting mantra when it comes to aging: never get old. My grandmother quipped this for nearly 40 years before passing at age 92. And now my parents quote our ancestral adage, even though their retirement activities so far have included earning a doctorate degree and hiking the Appalachian trail, respectively.
“Older adults are at a higher risk for adverse cannabis reactions,” said Dr. Benjamin Han, a geriatrician and co-author of the study. “This is likely due to a combination of greater sensitivity and being unfamiliar with newer forms of the drug

Practice caution when using cannabis

According to research, the Baby Boomer generation has been rolling its own fair share of joints over the last few years. In the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1.4% of adults over the age of 65 reported using marijuana during the past year. In the 2021 survey, that number increased to a little over 7%.
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The rise and fall of Kewpee Hamburgers

Courtesy of Gary Flinn
Author Gary Flinn’s new book, “Kewpee Hamburgers: A Mity Nice History,” tells the full story of one of the nation’s oldest hamburger chains, which still has a handful of locations throughout the Midwest.

Autumn Weston is the fourth-generation owner of Weston’s Kewpee Sandwich Shoppe, which opened in downtown Lansing in 1924. She recognizes this as an important milestone for both her family and the city as a whole.

Theater life provides enrichment for seniors

Starlight Dinner Theatre performs shows that cater to older audiences, such as its production of “Calendar Girls” in 2018. They tend to be classics with little cursing or sex, in comparison to the more cutting-edge, in-your-face works other theaters produce.

Bob Robinson has been active in the Greater Lansing theater community since the “early ‘80s.” He was a co-founder of Grand Ledge’s now-defunct Spotlight Theatre  alongside the late Len Kluge, who was also a theater reviewer for City Pulse. But at 75, Robinson’s life has changed dramatically.

Other news about seniors

TD Bank outlines four key aspects of choosing a Medicare plan to help you navigate the complexities of the program. 

TD Bank outlines four key aspects of choosing a Medicare plan to help you navigate the complexities of the program. 
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Top 10 states with the healthiest seniors

SmartAsset ranked all states (except for Florida, for which data was not available) on health metrics across the population aged 65 and older, including obesity, smoking, arthritis, mental distress, disability status, and more, to find where seniors are healthiest.

3 ways to plan for a satisfying and successful retirement

Wealth Enhancement Group outlines three ways to get the most out of retirement.

7 common and not-so-common health care costs retirees should know about

TD Bank breaks down 7 common and not-so-common health care costs retirees should be aware of.

Seniors in these states have the highest Alzheimer's rates

Stacker mapped states by the share of the 65+ population estimated to have Alzheimer's disease, using data released by the Alzheimer's Association.

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Improved Post-Acute and Long-Term Care for Iowa’s Seniors

A provider of high-quality primary care and value-based care programs for senior living organizations works with state and local officials, healthcare stakeholders and facility operators in Iowa, to improve post-acute and long-term care for the state’s aging population.
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The Big Plan to Make Open Enrollment Sign-Ups Less Confusing

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National Council on Aging Helps Community Organizations Deliver COVID and Flu Vaccines

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How to recognize loneliness in seniors & what to do about it

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Discover the hidden culprit of aging and how to turn back time

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