I smoked a lot of weed this year. Here’s some of the best.

One writer’s totally biased guide to the dankest pot in Lansing


This is it: The ultimate ranking of the five best cannabis products in Greater Lansing this year. This list has been painstakingly curated over the last several months while cooped up at home, shopping for and tirelessly sampling some of the best weed my editor’s money could buy. Enjoy.

1. Homegrown Cannabis Co. — Harambe (Josey Wales)

Price — $25/3.5g

THC content — 27.3%

This indica-leaning hybrid, named in honor of the gorilla who was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo, is Homegrown’s flagship in-house cannabis flower strain. It’s real good stuff; And the staff at Homegrown knows it. Why are they still selling it for $25 an eighter? Beats me.

At a whopping 27.3% THC, this happy and calm strain offers an incredible high at an insanely affordable price — securing it’s spot as the single best cannabis product of the year in Lansing.

A similar eighter could easily set you back $40-50. Even on the black market, it can often be challenging to find weed this powerful for prices that are this low. I’ve blown through at least two ounces and will certainly be back for more in 2021.

2. Stiiizy — Vaporizer Cartridges

Price — $45/1g

THC content — 80-90%

Stiizy is a California-based cannabis brand that launched in 2017 and has since expanded to Washington and Nevada. It crept its way into Michigan’s marijuana market back in August. It's probably best known for sleek vaporizers and wide variety of concentrate pods.

After going through several cartridges this year, and trying several other brands, I’m comfortable labeling Stiiizy as the best on the market.

It’s slim, discreett for on-the-go tokes and can easily last throughout the day on a full battery. Perhaps the best part? The cartridge variety. Premium Jack. Sour Diesel. Purple Punch. Biscotti. OG Kush. Blue Crush. I can’t pick a favorite.

Pro tip: Keeping a vape pen nearby can really help preserve the weekly stash. It does for me. If you can’t find the Stiizy, the VFire Claw was a close runner-up.

3. Cloud Cover — Queso Perro

Price — $17/1g

THC content — 20.25%

This proprietary strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid that was first bred by the Cloud Cover team at its cultivation facility in Portland. Nowadays, it’s grown locally at its facilities in Webberville. And it might just be the stinkiest strain on the market today. It made my car smell dank for days.

Combining Stardawg with the ’90s classic UK Cheese, the canna-wizards at Cloud Cover sell this crowd favorite for its soothing and relaxing effects, specifically curated for the end-of-day wind-down.

UK Cheese is known for its musty cheese smell, and it carries over with precision into Queso Perro which, yes, translates to Dog Cheese — a nod to Stardawg, its sativa-dominant mother. Don’t be deterred by the name, however. This rich, spicy and earthy blend carries distinct notes of pine, grapefruit and garlic that tingles the senses with a full-bodied and smooth smoke sesh.

4. DNA x Skymint — Clementine

Price — $70/3.5g

THC content — 25.1%

This year, in a collaboration with Amsterdam-based DNA Genetics, Skymint launched seven of DNA’s most sought-after strains — including Strawberry Banana, Kosher Kush, LA Confidential and more. A cross between Tangie and Lemon Skunk, this jazz band of a sativa brought home the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015 for its balanced and citrusy flavor profile and its euphoric, uplifting and energizing effects. And believe me: This shit really is a whole new level of stoner energy.

My dog and I played fetch while I finished the joint, and we were running sprints together by the time it was finished. My coffee got cold while I raked both my front and back lawns. Then, I organized my garage for 45 minutes and carefully color coordinated my entire closet. I smoked another joint later that night after a few beers with a friend. I ended up walking my dog to Moores Park at midnight, preparing the following day’s dinner and watching TV until 3 a.m.

5. Galactic Meds — Full Spectrum Oil (Sundae Driver x Forbidden Fruit)

Price — $37.74/3.5g

THC content — 79.67%

Full spectrum oil — commonly abbreviated as FSO — is designed to incorporate as many terpenes and cannabinoids as possible into the final product. That creates an “entourage effect” where each individual component of the plant, including the non-psychoactive parts like CBD, work together to produce a complex and often long-lasting high. And that it certainly did.

A few squirts on my tongue likely exceeded the recommended dosage threefold. A burst of an almost giggly type of energy within the first hour helped make sure a few chores were done around the house. But only two hours later, I had fully melted into the seat of a leather chair.

It’s worth noting that this complex sort of cerebral high seemed to be competing with an intense body high — making any real attempt to do anything productive an entertaining but ultimately fruitless experience.

Kyle Kaminski is a City Pulse staff writer and cannabis enthusiast who has been smoking marijuana just about every day for the last decade. Every week, Kaminski samples some of the best cannabis products available in Greater Lansing, gets real high and writes about them.


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