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Where are the real Republicans?


The Republican National Party is dead to me and many other formerly active supporters because of the insistence of some weak kneed and weak willed want-to-be political “leaders” (?) who persist in their support of the former POTUS in maintaining his cult.  

T*****, who has not earned the respect of being called by his given name, has shown the whole country how to sow hatred, bigotry, distrust, discrimination, misogyny and disloyalty. I like to refer to him as “Dumpster Donny,” who tried to overthrow our democratic republic to become a dictator like his friends in the East from Russia, China and North Korea.  On top of that, he is a megalomaniac,racist, patented liar and bully. All the accusations he attempts to foist on others should be recognized as what they are, the crimes and misdemeanors committed by him. Americans were injured and died on Jan 6 because of all his lies and his demands to his rabid followers to defend his lies. Americans died from his lies, along with many injured and many disabled.

Where are the real Republican Party members who will stand up for the principles espoused by the party? The biggest RHINO in America today is T****, “Dumpster Donny.” He chased the monied sycophants, to highjack the party and won by a fluke in 2016.

He says he stands for law and order then makes all sorts of threats of disorder if he does not get his way. He supports a Supreme Court justice who wallows in all the “gifts,” graft from influencers. Graft is fraud. He is clearly suffering from dementia and has been for years. His speeches and his social media rants are more and more often full of "babble." He is a corrupt and fraudulent business person. Let him be held accountable and be convicted for his many, many crimes. He is not and never has been a leader. He is and always will be a destroyer. How about a little bleach to cure your ills?

Please Republican leaders, find a viable candidate for our next president of the United States of American, NOW, PLEASE!! Do not continue to support the felon POTUS 45!

Jean Husby






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