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The Drink: The perfect summer cocktail is DIY


In my house, we’re slowly expanding our circle after the stay-at-home order, but because of children and aging parents, when we see our friends, it’s mostly outside of someone’s house. Thankfully, a friend has helped me discover a wonderful DIY beverage for an evening on someone’s porch, or a cookout: Ketel One botanical cucumber & mint vodka, lemon-lime soda. Squeeze a wedge of lime and, if you’re fancy and you have your own mint growing, throw in a sprig of mint.

One word: Refreshing! Like having cucumber-infused Sprite. After my initial marvel at this drink and its freshness, I began to think about other ways to garnish and enjoy. If you are carb-conscious, you could substitute club soda or a diet mixer. A bonus with this particular vodka is that there aren’t any carbs to begin with, and no added sweeteners. Tonic water could add a zing. Muddling mint and lime and a bit of sugar would turn this into a cucumber-mojito flavor. If you could find watermelon juice, the refreshing factor could increase exponentially. I love a simple drink that you can dress up when you want.

Ketel One has come out with two other botanical flavors: grapefruit & rose and peach & orange Blossom. I could see using either of these for a brunch drink. Special belinis or mimosas to go with eggs, bacon and that homemade toasted sourdough we’ve all mastered over the past weeks.

A summer day or evening outside has never been so sweet after being cooped up during the stay-at-home order. This cocktail makes it even more so.


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