The Drink: 'Mix Three Fresh Juices' better than Faygo


I like a good head on top of my tall glass drinks — especially when the foam is a pink color. Luckily, Aladdin’s’ juices have both. 

They offer a “Mix Three Fresh Juices” for $4.50. I chose a blend of beets, cucumber and parsley. The concoction was a deep magenta color with a thick, pinkish foam at the top that lasted until the tasty, last sip. 

It tasted like a garden in a glass. The mix had an earthy flavor that was super fresh. Hard vegetables like beets are put in a juicer before being blended. The result is a very smooth drink with no lumps or stray bits of any kind. 

I asked for some lemon, which was quickly provided, to give my drink an added zip. No salt or pepper was added and I liked it that way. The flavor and aroma made a can of V8 juice in comparison seem more like a Faygo pop than a real juice mixture. Mine was garden-fresh, thinner without being watery, and more authentic. It came chilled in a tall, beveled glass but without any ice to dilute the mix or take away from the serving amount.   

The juice choices also include celery, orange, mango, guava, carrot, lemon, apple, strawberry, pineapple, ginger, banana, yogurt, green onion, cabbage and garlic. The options for different flavors are endless. I was told that more than four items could be requested at no extra charge. 

I honestly felt like I had more energy after drinking my choice. Perhaps it was sugar from the beets, although I never felt a sugar rush. Maybe my increased vigor came from knowing I had something red that was healthy instead of a red pop.


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