Science on a Sphere demonstrates effects of climate change at MSU


THURSDAY, Feb. 20 — Michigan State University students, their families — or any local budding scientists — are invited to the MSU Museum to experience their latest futuristic addition, Science on a Sphere, or SOS. The exhibit opened earlier this year and will continue to host events on different topics throughout spring. 

SOS is used in over 130 locations around the world as an educational tool and research display system. MSU hopes that students and faculty can use the technology to present their own findings. 

Developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, SOS is a room-sized spherical projection that lets visitors visualize weather patterns, all the planets of the solar system, the interior of a cell and more. It uses information gathered by the NOAA and other organizations to create a fully immersive, scientifically accurate experience.

Saturday’s exhibition is called “Visualizing Climate Change.” A museum educator will guide guests through a presentation about the steps MSU researchers take to help reverse the effects of climate change. Visitors to the museum will also use the SOS to see how human beings and the climate have interacted with each other over time. 

The event features art activities for the younger folks and a hands-on demonstration of the SOS technology. When it is not being used for presentations, museumgoers can play with the SOS at an iPad kiosk. Visitors can also experience the other MSU Museum exhibits on display, including “Finding Our Voice: Sister Survivors Speak.” 

Science on a Sphere: Visualizing Climate Change

Saturday, Feb. 22, 1 to 2 p.m.

MSU Museum 

409 W Circle Dr, East Lansing

(517) 355-2370

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