Schor’s self-assessment: Much done, more to come


(Andy Schor is the mayor of Lansing)

It’s been two years since I took office as the Mayor of Lansing and we have done so much. The pace is extraordinary, yet rewarding and exciting. I thank the City Pulse for the grade of B in their recent editorial (Feb. 12), and we have much more coming for Lansing!  

 I’m proud of the economic development projects that we have initiated and accomplished. We are continuously working with business, labor and our residents to increase vibrancy and create jobs in Lansing. Not only has my team helped bring economic development projects that were in motion before I was mayor across the finish line, we have also worked with public and private partners to initiate several important projects matching my priorities for the City of Lansing. These new housing, retail, hotel, recreation, arts, grocery store and other projects will provide economic growth to the Lansing economy as soon as this summer. The pride that people have for this city is remarkable. The popular new logo and brand has created an avenue for residents to express their excitement for Lansing, for its future and for all of the great things happening throughout the city. We have been able to make progress on roads, despite the lack of significant new infrastructure investment from the state of Michigan, where the vast majority of our funding comes from. We have resurfaced several main roads throughout the city and have repaired thousands of potholes on neighborhood roads. Roads and infrastructure will continue to be a priority throughout my administration.

I am thrilled that we have created many new programs and resources for our neighborhoods and Lansing students - BOLD Lansing, SERVE Lansing, Neighborhood Resource Summits and Citizens Academy to name a few. All of these resources help to build community wealth and economic mobility for our residents. We must always remember to focus on our people. Our neighborhoods are the heart of our city and we are proud to invest in our residents. These are things that I committed to prioritize when I ran for office. My team has delivered on many of these promises and will continue to work every day to grow all aspects of Lansing.The City Pulse did raise both City Hall and the City Market in its editorial, and I’m glad to provide this update. We do need a new City Hall, but we need to be able to pay for it without tying up taxpayer dollars that are necessary for other services. And we need to repurpose the City Market, but it needs to pay for itself without a subsidy from taxpayers. Now that we have won the lawsuit (which took 12 months), we are actively seeking and working on ideas and proposals, and I am confident that we will soon be able to repurpose the property into a sustainable and exciting permanent tenant.

The City of Lansing celebrates and supports an inclusive community. I am extremely proud that my cabinet and staff continue to reflect the diversity of our great city. I have retained, hired and promoted people of all backgrounds - African American, Latino and Caucasian; male and female; LGBTQ and straight – to grow our city and reflect its rich and diverse culture.

It’s disappointing to me that the City Pulse would state or repeat any claims that I am not comfortable working with people of color, as it is false. All these public officials, along with our city staff, should be praised for their work.

We have accomplished a lot in our first two years, and we will work just as hard over the next two years to continue to move Lansing forward.  I welcome anyone, no matter what you look like or what you believe, to join me on this journey. Thank you to all who have supported me and the City of Lansing. Lansing’s time is now, and for years into the future!


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