Police: Out-of-state crews pilfer Lansing for catalytic converters 

Lansing authorities report ‘substantial uptick’ in automotive thievery


WEDNESDAY, July 14 — The Lansing Police Department is warning local residents to be on the lookout for catalytic converter thieves following an uptick in reported thefts across the city.

More than 100 catalytic converters have been reported stolen to LPD over the last six months, a spokesman confirmed today. 

“The thefts took place primarily in residential areas such as apartment complexes,” officials said in a statement. “Other hit locations were businesses that had fleets of cars in parking lots as well as park-and-ride locations. Other jurisdictions are seeing issues with thefts as well.”

Last year, officials said there were 140 cases of stolen catalytic converters reported in Lansing. A “substantial uptick” in thefts this year — 48 in January and February — later tapered off after a neighboring police department arrested a suspect accused of orchestrating several thefts. Still, at least 55 more catalytic converters have been reported stolen in the last four months.

Officials suspect many converter thefts are being done from out-of-state crews that hit various cities quickly and leave Michigan. LPD has been in contact with several local salvage yards and each of them said they will contact authorities if and when someone arrives with any converters. 

Experts recommend checking with insurance providers to ensure converters are covered in the event of theft, installing anti-theft devices or setting up security cameras to mitigate concerns. The spike in catalytic converter thefts is part of a nationwide trend, reports The New York Times.

Those with information about recent thefts are also encouraged to call LPD at 517-483-4600.


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