News Highlights from the last 7 days: June 8, 2022



Gas in Greater Lansing remains at record highs, as the prices at a station on Michigan Avenue reflect — busting the 2008 record of $4.11 per gallon. The Russian oil embargo, pandemic production slowdowns and vacation consumption are the causes. The average price could hit $6 this summer. 

12 hours of shootings 

Lansing Police reported three unrelated shootings Thursday and Friday within 12 hours. The victims were 39, 17 and 16. No arrests have been made. The shooting of the 17-year-old is being investigated as potentially linked to another shooting in the same block of Cabot Avenue in south Lansing on May 30, Capt. Christopher Baldwin noted in a press release. The 16-year-old was shot near Westmoreland Avenue and Hyland Street on the west side. The 39-year-old was shot near Indiana Avenue and Taft Street on the north side. Last year over 100 people were shot in Lansing.  

Fire Department report finds concerns 

The Lansing Fire Department is divided into two camps: those who think racial and sexual comments and jokes are job safe and those who don’t. That’s according to a report released by the Center for Safety Assessments and Inclusion. The same group completed a similar review of the Lansing Police Department. One key issue common to both departments is how the Human Resources Department is handling matters. The conclusion: not well. The report noted that current human resources practices “are engendering suspicion and skepticism, rather than confidence.” The report also encourages appropriate training and credentials for all HR staff members, including Director Linda Sanchez-Gazella. It also found problems with aging equipment. For example, three out of eight ambulances were out of service.  

 Funky orange things pop up 

Reader and Lansing resident Larry Stegman sent a picture to City Pulse a week ago of an odd-shaped orange item on the River Trail near GM wondering what it was. So we sent the photo to parks Director Brett Kaschinske. “This is for surveying that is taking place in that area for a Combined Sewer Overflow project,” he responded. “The project will include a River Trail closure in the area and a closure notice will be coming out on that shortly.”  

 Michigan parolee charged in Florida murder 

Matthew Terry, 47, a former Ingham County man, is the Hillsborough County Jail on a murder charge in the stabbing death of a woman. In 2017, he was convicted in Ingham County of assault with intent to do great bodily harm to his girlfriend. In 2020, Prosecutor Carol Siemon requested the Parole Board give Terry two years’ parole with strict supervision. Instead, he received one year’s parole and left MDOC parole status in January.  

Over the Ledge saved by a net 

Over the Ledge Theater, which learned last week its historic barn home was “not safe for human habitation,” has struck a temporary deal allowing two of the company’s shows to be staged at Riverwalk Theatre instead of in the rustic old barn in Fitzgerald Park. “Songs about Stuff,” a musical featuring local musician Wally Pleasant, will be performed July 7 through 17. The original season opener, “The Realistic Joneses,” a dark comedy, will be July 28 through 31.  


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