New in Town: Veg-N Food Truck broadens vegan cuisine in Lansing


WEDNESDAY, Nov. 20 — Amid seeing only a few convenient options for vegan cuisine in Lansing, Christabelle Dozeman, co-founder of the Veg-N food truck, decided she would undertake the challenge of bringing vegan food to the masses herself.

The result is Veg-n Food Truck, a small operation serving up plant-based food across various locations in the capital.

“I want to make sure that people have the chance to get healthier food options,” Dozeman said. “Lansing was lacking, and I saw the opportunity and went for it.”

Dozeman said opening up provides more of a network of convenience for those who choose to go vegan in Lansing.

“A lot of restaurants would have only one or two options, and I would get sick being stuck with the same option every time,” she said. “With more options, people will realize it is an easy choice to make since we are all trying to be on the go.”

Plant-based meat options include soy sausage, veggie patties, veggie chicken patties and black bean patties. Most dishes are sandwich-based and around $10. Build-your-own options are available.

Dozeman recommends the reuben soysauge, a sausage take on a reuben sandwich with sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and sausage on a vegan artisan bun.

Dozeman became vegan after experimenting with non-meat -based meals, she said. “Plant based protein is a huge thing that people should become more aware of now. Realizing that not every meal needs to be centered around meat would be huge for sustainability and health reasons.”

A 2019 report by the International Panel on Climate Control said that switching to a sustainable plant-based diet to forgo meat would reduce a large number of greenhouse gasses produced by cattle.

Dozeman, who majored in horticulture at MSU, said the food truck is a method to exercise the principles of environmental sustainability she learned at school.

“Why not take the opportunity to take something and bring more healthy food into the community by making affordable healthy options that are accessible to everyone? If I can be a part of that, that’s where I want to be.”

To keep up to speed with the food truck’s menu, visit or follow @eat_vegn on Instagram. The truck will be open today at Reputation Beverage Co. (800 E. Michigan Ave.), Friday (Nov. 22) for Silver Bells (615 E. Kalamazoo St.) and Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 for East Lansing Roller Derby’s Black ‘N’ Blue 2019 7868 at Old M78 Road, East Lansing. The truck is also available for birthdays, graduations and other catering events.

“I’ve always liked a challenge. The opportunity presented itself and I figured why not? With hard work, it can be successful.”

Veg-N Food Truck

1300 Eureka St., Lansing

Visit for weekly service times and locations


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