Lansterdam in Review: Skymint and Pure Options 

Cereal-flavored weed, more dabs and the Lansing River Trail  


Crunch Berries Pre-Rolled Joint 

Price — $15/0.75 gram 

THC content — 18.7% 

Warning: Crunch Berries seems to be a creeper. Despite clocking in at among the higher THC percentages available on the local market last week, this strain didn’t hit me very quickly. Rather, it seemed to work more in the background — increasing in potency about an hour after I smoked it. 

Research shows this variety is an indica-heavy mix involving the Triple OG X blueberry strain. One downside to the pre-rolled joint is you don’t get to inspect those crystal-covered buds. 

Obviously, it gets its name from the Cap’N Crunch cereal — and for good reason. I immediately picked up on the creamy smoothness and subtle berry flavors rolled up inside. It wasn’t overpowering by any stretch of the imagination, but just enough to draw a clear connection.  

The other downside: The joint burned up way too quickly. It left me wanting another. 

Naturally, I followed this cereal joint up with a couple of Saturday morning cartoons. And it was a perfect combo. Combined with coffee, this relaxing strain slowly builds into some nice get-up-and-go effects that won’t totally wash away the productivity of the rest of your afternoon.   

Element Cured Resin — Watermelon Lifesaver x Sunset Sherbert 

Price — $44/gram 

THC content — 68.3%  

Cured resin, among many types of cannabis concentrates, is an extract of dried marijuana and registers at the same astonishing THC levels as traditional waxes. They’re just not nearly as sticky, making them easier to dab. They also tend to have much more complex flavor profiles.  

Experts will talk a lot about terpenes and trichomes. I just know they get you stoned. Quickly. 

These smooth little golden nuggets carried a pungent, yet pleasant, citrusy sort of taste. I didn’t pick up on any watermelon or sherbert notes, but can understand the namesake. Maybe I’m getting better with the new torch setup, but this stuff also didn’t burn up as quickly as the wax. The resulting flavor was also more enjoyable. My usual dab-induced coughing fit was more subdued. Bright, floral and fruity — almost like fresh produce compared to canned vegetables. 

Four energizing tokes later, I was out the door and headed to the River Trail. Don’t expect to be couchlocked on this stuff. I spent about two hours listening to some weird lo-fi jazz playlist and following around my dog as he pissed on every single bush in the city of Lansing. Good times.  

This is a great product to relieve stress and anxiety without totally numbing your mind. It’s perfect for a downtown stroll, a beachside sunset at Rotary Park and then nine hours of sleep. 

Lansterdam in Review is a new column written by Kyle Kaminski, a City Pulse staff writer and cannabis enthusiast who has been smoking marijuana just about every day for the last decade. Kaminski samples some of the best bud in Greater Lansing, gets real high and writes about it. 


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