Favorite Things: Jacob Weston and his T-shirt collection


Jacob Weston is a graphic designer and a musician. When not performing in bands holding down vocal or guitar duties, he’s helping to design merchandise and album artwork. His favorite thing is the collection of band T-shirts he’s gathered over the years.

Over the years, going to shows, I would always pick up shirts to support bands. I’ve just been hoarding them since I was 13-14. I’ve got stuff from local bands that don’t exist anymore and stuff from my favorite bands of all time.

One that stands out to me is from a band called Stretch Armstrong’s 2000 tour. One of my friends picked it up and gave it to me. That band was kind of an introductory for me to hardcore music, and that kind of launched me into the direction I went in life.

I’ve got stuff I designed for friend’s bands. Shirts and stuff is what transitioned me into doing graphic design like I do now. I’ve also got shirts from bands I’ve toured with, like Under Anchor. I have a First Step shirt that I love so much that I rebought it in a different size. It’s very youth crew, which speaks to me.

I’ve got a handful of red ones, like this Verse one from the “From Anger and Rage” tour. I’ve got an olive green Down to Nothing shirt, and a royal blue Bad Seed tank top, which is actually one of the more valuable shirts that I have. I love looking through all of my shirts and remembering, “This is dope, and I remember when I was super into this band.” I also found my old Set Your Goals shirt, which was at the beginning of the big cartoon, all-over print. It’s something I would never wear these days, but I was so into it back in high school.

Fashion is a big part of self-expression. It can be co-opted by people, like the Joy Division shirt. But that doesn’t really bother me too much. I feel like it’s a way of saying, “This is what I’m into.” It can be a way of connecting and meeting people. You can make friendships, and I think that’s huge. And I think design really matters, especially with how you present yourself.

In a pandemic, how can you support artists? You can’t go to shows, and streaming doesn’t compare to buying merchandise. Buying shirts is a way to support bands you care about and way for them to earn revenue.

Recording costs money, and it takes a lot of work and effort to put stuff together. I’m going to continue to buy shirts and support those I care about, probably forever.

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