Hundreds of Trump supporters oppose 'election fraud' at State Capitol

Colbeck: 'I got news for them: Joe Biden is not president-elect.'


WEDNESDAY, Jan. 6 — Hundreds gathered at the Michigan State Capitol this afternoon to protest the certification of President-elect Joe Biden. Many believed the electoral process had been manipulated, stealing the election away from President Donald Trump.

Former State Sen. and gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck spoke to the crowd.

“I got news for them: Joe Biden is not president-elect,” Colbeck shouted from the Capitol steps.

Colbeck’s speech followed one delivered by Trump to a large gathering at the Capitol in D.C. called “Save Our Nation.” While Colbeck spoke, thousands were also storming the U.S. Capitol amid the ongoing chaos in D.C. Back in Michigan, the crowd was much more subdued — at times participating in prayers and listening to wild conspiracies about debunked election fraud.

Also in attendance was newly elected State Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) and members of the Michigan Liberty Militia — including leader Phil Robinson. The crowd of about 700 people carried Trump campaign flags, American flags and Gadsen flags.

One person was seen driving around the State Capitol building in a pick-up, Trump flags flying and sign-on the back warning that offered a stark warning: “I am an American, A son of liberty, Not a communist. Civil War is coming. Join us or leave.”


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