Former Lansing City Council member owes $1,500 in campaign fines and fees to Ingham County clerk

Daniels says he's been too busy to file paperwork, but will pay 'soon'


THURSDAY, March 23 — Former First Ward Councilperson Brian Daniels owes $1,500 in fines and fees to the Ingham County Clerk's Office for failing to file campaign finance reports.

Records show he did not file reports for either the primary or general election last year. Clerk Barb Byrum issued  two $500 fines and started charging him $25 in fees on Dec. 8 until the total reached the maximum of $500. 

He said he didn’t have time to make the filings between campaign, family and work obligations. But intends to pay  “soon.”

Daniels also said he does not intend to run again for the seat, a change of heart since he was beaten in November by Ryan Kost by 56 votes.

“I’d rather be present for my son’s soccer games, spend quality time with my wife, not regret whatever time I have left with my day and spend my energy changing lives at emPOWer,” he said in a Facebook message today. 

Daniels was appointed to the position Feb. 1, 2022. He replaced Brandon Betz, who had been hampered by scandals. At the time of his loss, Daniels said he was committed to running again this year for the seat.

Campaign Finance records show Kost was tardy in filing his post-primary campaign finance report in August 2022. He was charged $175 on Aug. 25. He paid the fees on Oct. 3. 

Two at-large seats and the First and Third Ward seats are up for election in November. The filing deadline is April 24, 2023, at 4 p.m. 

Kost has officially filed for reelection in November. Michael VandeGuchte has also formally filed for the seat, according to Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope’s website. 

Third Ward Councilmember Adam Hussain has filed for reelection and as of March 20, had one challenger: King L. Robertson. Campaign finance records show Hussain has not had any issues with filing his reports on time or having errors or omissions. 

With both At-Large Councilmembers Carol Wood and Patricia Spitzley not seeking reelection this year, there are two open seats in the At-Large race. Former First Ward Councilmember Jody Washington has filed for the At-Large race, as have the following candidates: Nicklas W. Zande, Claretta Duckett-Freeman, Keshawn Mitchell-Roland and Olivia Vaden. 

Duckett-Freeman has sought a Council seat previously and campaign finance records show she has not had any issues with filing her reports on time. 

Washington dissolved her First Ward campaign committee Sept. 15, 2020. She created a new committee on Feb. 14. While she had errors and omissions notices from the county clerk's office, and some fees as a result,  all had been paid by the time she dissolved her committee in 2020. 

The response came following an inquiry about why he still had not filed his campaign finance reports with the Ingham County clerk

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