Citing Whitmer, Schor orders curfew for tonight

Downtown quiet a night after unrest; a visible police presence


MONDAY, June 1 — Lansing Mayor Andy Schor just ordered a curfew till 5 a.m. tomorrow, effective immediately.

Downtown, meanwhile, appeared totally quiet shortly after 9 p.m. Six or seven police cars were seen downtown either parked or cruising.

“Thankfully, we have not yet seen the violence that we saw yesterday evening, however, I am concerned that people could be coming to our downtown to put others in danger and destroy property,” Schor said in a statement his office issued about 8:45 p.m. 

 Asked why so late, Schor said it was a “precaution.” Then he cited a tweet by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, which said: “To those who have taken to the streets to peacefully protest the structural inequities Black Americans face every day — I’m with you.

“Tonight, I urge you to stay home and stay safe. Tomorrow, find a peaceful protest to joinand make your voice heard.”

In his statement, Schor also said, “All are expected to return home and stay off the streets in Lansing. This curfew is to ensure that we are all safe this evening and to protect our city from the destruction that we saw last night. 

“Those already on the streets downtown will be notified through our emergency broadcast system in the streetlights, and via broadcast from the Lansing Police Department. 

 “People must return to their homes in order to stay safe.”

Schor ordered a curfew last night after crowds stayed downtown following a peaceful march to protest the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. His order came after the unrest began with a car being burned and its driver assaulted, according to police. Earlier the driver was seen driving recklessly among people walking in the street on Washington Square after the protest march had ended. Windows were also broken on several blocks of downtown.

Despite the curfew, hundreds remained downtown. After threatening arrest multiple times over loudspeakers, the police lobbed five or six tear gas cannisters to disburse the crowd.


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