Capital Pro Wrestling brings adrenaline-fueled show to The Fledge


FRIDAY, Dec. 13 — We’re all too familiar with the glitz, glamour and exaggerated performances from the megastars of the WWE. But what’s it like to be just an arm's length away from the mayhem? How does it feel to be within earshot of bodies slamming into the mat?

Those seeking the answer to that question should turn to Saturday’s show at Capital Pro Wrestling, featuring dozens of wrestlers including C.J. Otis, Caleb Stills, Mr. Main Event and “Amazing” N8 Mattson.

“We see the big spectacle of wrestling on television. It’s very tightly produced. Independent wrestling is operating on a much smaller scale, but you get to be, as a fan, up close and ringside. You get to be right there with the wrestlers; there’s not a bad seat in the house,” Zack Macomber, Capital Pro Wrestling co-producer, said. “It’s a much more intimate, entertaining way to catch pro wrestling.”

Capital Pro Wrestling has found a home at The Fledge, which has hosted its live shows since June. The events take the former church and amplify it with an arena-sport-like atmosphere, placing a full-sized wrestling mat front and center.

“The Fledge is one of the brightest spots in Lansing. The owner Jerry Norris is always doing positive things for the community, and I am super appreciative of that,” Macomber said.

Macomber said wrestling fans should be excited to see C.J. Otis, a world-class hybrid wrestler who’s traveled to Japan and recently acquired a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Macomber also touted “Amazing” N8 Mattson as “quintessential” to Michigan amateur wrestling.

But it’s not just basic one-on-one fights. Similar to WWE’s trademark melodramatic storytelling, Capital Pro Wrestling has its own interweaving narratives and plots. The big storyline right now centers on “The Purge,” a faction of evil fighters that wants to destroy the sport of wrestling.

The Purge’s wrestlers — Kevin Kalloway, Sean Tyler and Justin Pilgrim — will invade Saturday’s match, squaring off against wrestling traditionalists The Mysterious Movado (a masked lucha libre style wrestler), El Ridiculoso and George Mack in a 6-man tag team match.

Macomber said Capital Pro Wrestling aims to roll strong into 2020, with plans to hold its championship tournament in early January. For those who can’t make the match, all of Capital Pro Wrestling’s bouts are available to watch online at the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase YouTube channel.

Capital Pro Wrestling at The Fledge

Tickets start at $10

Saturday, Dec. 14, 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

1300 Eureka St., Lansing

For more information, visit Capital Pro Wrestling’s Facebook page


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