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John Foren,

will MSNBC be back out to Frandor Sparrow Health System to report that you or somebody at Sparrow Hospital allowed Andy Schor, Peter Spadafore, and Brandon Betz-Lansing City Council 1st Ward to jump the line & get the vaccine early?

apparently their preexisting condition is what? arrogance, ignorance or an elitist attitude to who gets the vaccine first and who goes to the end of the line?

apparently Kathie Dunbar, Patricia Spitzley for Lansing, Adam Hussain and Carol Wood all declined the invitation to jump the line knowing that it wasn't right?

you didn't think to check with Linda Vail, Gretchen Whitmer or Leonard M. Fleck on what they would recommend?

would McLaren Greater Lansing have proceeded in the same way?

what kind of coverage can you expect from the Lansing State Journal on this or how will Michigan Department of Health and Human Services or CDC react?

will Dasha Burns come back out & follow up on City Pulse's story of somehow, somebody boobooed with the Sparrow vaccine distribution?

wow, hope you're hungry John cause you have a full plate this week!

PS: would Virg Bernero have reacted the same way if he was mayor?


From: Lansing mayor cuts line for his COVID-19 vaccine 

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