7 essentials for setting your new college grad up for success


(BPT) - Graduation season is in full swing! As the invitations to grad parties start rolling in, it's time to consider what might be a truly useful gift for someone embarking on a new phase of life. Money in a slim envelope is the typical default gift but helping your new college grad create a home office for their first job — now that's the way to ensure they start off on the right foot.

Here are some ideas for stellar gifts that will help your graduate succeed in their brave, new world post-grad:

A gaming laptop. Want to be the hit of the party? Wrap up a gaming laptop for your grad. A gaming laptop like the powerful HP OMEN Transcend 14 gaming laptop has enough oomph like high performance graphics capabilities to handle everything from gaming to creative applications from video editing to engineering programs, equipping your grad with everything they need to be productive and then relax after the workday. It features the Intel Core Ultra processor with native AI processing, an ultra-portable and lightweight design, sleek exterior styling, an OLED screen, and enough performance to get work done and play games at the apartment or on the go.

A new way to print. This is a must-have for every home office. Level up your grad’s tech with a new way to print with the HP All-In Plan. The service combines a choice of a new printer, automatic ink delivery, continuous printer coverage with a dedicated 24/7 live support team, next-business-day replacement in the event of printer issues, and the option to upgrade your printer after two years, so your grad won’t ever have to worry about their printer not working when they need it most. The best part — there’s no up-front cost and plans start as low as $6.99 per month. Bonus tip: they will have the most decked-out apartment with photo printing. And, when paired with that multi-function gaming laptop, your grad is sure to have everything they need for their new home.

An ergonomic chair. Hunching over a computer all day is a recipe for bad posture, fatigue and stress, and isn't exactly conducive to one's best work. A good ergonomic chair provides lumbar support, adjustable seating and arm rests, allowing recipients to customize the chair to their needs. It takes the pain out of sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time, which contributes to productivity.

Internet. Consider gifting your new diploma-holder monthly, high-speed internet. They get the service; you pay the bill. Internet service is a necessary, ongoing expense for working at home — and a whole lot more — but it can be difficult to shoulder for people starting out on their own. Taking that monthly expense off of their plate will be a huge relief. Bonus tip: Partner with someone to throw in a streaming service subscription for when your grad wants to relax with a movie.

Lighting. A harsh overhead light can contribute to eye strain and fatigue, especially if there's glare or if you have an older, fluorescent light that flickers. Soft light from a desk lamp is the answer, and it also can be a stylish addition to the room's décor. Go shopping with your grad to pick out a style he or she likes that accents the room.

Blue light blocking glasses. Digital eye strain can lead to problems, including headaches, fatigue and even trouble sleeping. Blue light blocking glasses can protect against the blue light emissions from screens that cause digital eye strain. Find several pairs in different styles that can add some fun and flair to the workday, while also blocking those blue light rays.

Storage. Numerous studies, including those from Princeton and Harvard, have shown that a cluttered workspace impedes focus and is a detriment to productivity. Help them combat clutter with storage solutions that will help organize paperwork, files, printer paper, notebooks, pens and anything else related to work or life.

For a young person taking the big step of entering the workforce or getting their first apartment, the journey can be daunting and a little bit scary. Outfitting them with the essentials for hitting the ground running will help set them up for success. By gifting them services like the internet and the HP All-In Plan, you're putting the essentials on auto-pilot. Bonus tip: Partner with others to offer your grad all of the items on this list of essentials!

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