City Pulse - <![CDATA[Meijer 'solution']]> <![CDATA[More stories (Feb. 28, 2007)]]> Will the state Capitol go up in lights?

Planned downtown traffic circle irks many business owners

Melinn: Both politics and policy played part in Murphy's appointment

Boycotted for backing gays, Mason record shop to close

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Commissioner's pig paints for a cause

Son comes home to war in 'The Subject was Roses'

'Epic Proportions' fizzes, but offers little substance

Icarus Falling production well-executed nonsense

Michigan author sets character adrift on the river of life

Peruvian author, presidential candidate reflects on life, literature
Oodles of Noodles/New Dynasty offers adventurous buffet

<![CDATA[The high road less traveled]]>

Since his departure from office in 1982, the Republican Party of both Michigan and the United States has t urned rightward and political polarization has worsened. What can the moderate Milliken's life and times tell us about current and future politics?]]>