City Pulse - News <![CDATA[History lessons]]> THURSDAY, OCT. 23 – It was a Lansing tour like no other. Dyke Heights and Other Sights: an LGBT History Tour of Lansing held Wednesday night highlighted little, to lesser known facts ]]> <![CDATA[Cleaning Up: One game at a time]]> <![CDATA[Top dog]]> The new director of the Ingham County Animal Control seems like he can handle just about anything.  He can fly a helicopter and handle alligators and venomous snakes. He’s patient; ]]> <![CDATA[Look, up in the sky!]]> In ancient times when there was an eclipse, people would bang on pots and pans to scare away what they thought was a dragon trying to eat the sun. They would stop when the dragon went away,]]> <![CDATA[#BeACatalyst]]> <![CDATA[Eyesore of the week]]> This small, notable kiosk stands at the western edge of the Cherry Hill neighborhood and its small, yet equally notable historic district. The neighborhood was part of the city’s original plat. Such kiosks are often found in long established neighborhoods, particularly those in large cities, as a way of marking and celebrating individual neighborhoods. More recent mid-century subdivisions marked their limited entrances with similar, monumental signage.]]> <![CDATA[Raising funds to raise the roof]]> A mother and son sits filling out paperwork to describe their cat, which went missing a week ago. They quibble over the color of hair and eyes. An older man is at one of the counters holding a red leash and choke chain collar. “Take me to Ward 4, I saw him there yesterday,” he says to the woman on the other side of the glass, eagerly describing his dog to her.]]> <![CDATA[Breast bullying]]> If you’ve ever watched a South Park episode you probably laughed or gasped at Ms. Choksondik, the endowed grade school teacher with breasts hanging to her knees. Angelina Jolie, bursting from her Tomb Raider outfit, is the stereotype of buxom beauty. And then there’s the scintillating image of Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 Super Bowl.]]> <![CDATA[Bishop: More of the same]]> <![CDATA[Being in Lansing]]> <![CDATA[Mayor milestone]]> <![CDATA[‘Mending the world’]]> Thursday, Oct. 16 — Congregation Kehillat Israel will hold a community forum on public education at 2 p.m. Sunday as part of the synagogue’s Committee on Social Justice project. ]]> <![CDATA[Road trip to resistance]]> ST. LOUIS — In a questionable Denny%uFFFDs somewhere outside of Michigan City, Ind., Crystal Gause told me she was ready to die. We made a pit stop for a cheap lunch on our way to Ferguson. It must have been on her mind for a while; a thought like that tends to sit like oil on water.]]> <![CDATA[Eye candy of the week]]> ]]> <![CDATA[One debate isn’t enough]]> <![CDATA[Briefs]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Enough is enough]]> <![CDATA[Bike Tweed Up]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Halloween showcase]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Old Town rooftop menace?]]> FRIDAY, OCT. 10 – Old Town is under surveillance. Perched atop a Turner Street building are silhouetted figures that could cause your heart to stop for a second. One appears to have binoculars; the other, a rifle.]]>