City Pulse - <![CDATA[Without a Clouseau]]> <![CDATA[Green and sober]]> <![CDATA[‘Til death do they part]]> “Big Love,” per its title, is big; conceptually, thematically, physically and sonically. But Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s most effective moments are small, from wry one-liners to subtly raised eyebrows. For director Lynn Lammers and the cast, the biggest challenge is making the big resonate with audiences as much as the small does.]]> <![CDATA[Advice Goddess]]> <![CDATA[East Lansing Film Series — January/February]]> “This isn’t really a matinee community, but (the East Lansing Film Series) has seen a dramatic increase in traffic before 5 p.m.,” Wozniak said. He said Oscar’s Bisro, the theater’s restaurant, has done so well that parent company Celebration! Cinema opened a second location near Kalamazoo.]]> <![CDATA[Golden Harvest to downsize]]> The restaurant will downsize from 34 seats to a single chair and a TV tray. Its kitchen equipment will include only a George Foreman grill and a Keurig single-serve coffee machine. “I won’t lie to you, this is as much a social experiment as a business decision,” Vicknair said.]]> <![CDATA[@BWLPeter_Lark]]> We don´t need tree trimming crews. Has so little to do with getting power back on. We´ve clearly had success just waiting for mother nature..]]> <![CDATA[Arts and Culture news briefs]]> <![CDATA[Make do drink]]> <![CDATA[Organic: Eating local has never been so easy]]> <![CDATA[She ate: Dramatic dishes]]> <![CDATA[The home team strikes back]]> <![CDATA['Ruby' shines]]> <![CDATA[Savage]]> He is completely unaware of what he is doing when he does it, and I have been able to wake him up (when I have been lucid enough) as it is happening (if it lasts that long). He does masturbate in his sleep every so often (never to ejaculation), and so I%uFFFDeuro;%uFFFDm figuring this is connected somehow.]]> <![CDATA[ON OUR 11TH BIRTHDAY]]> .]]> <![CDATA[Grebner v. Lindemann]]> <![CDATA[Test Radio Show]]> <![CDATA[1st Sunday gallery walk & other exhibitions]]> East Lansing Public Art Gallery.]]> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Unions 3, Chamber 1 in Council elections; taxes, Red Cedar win]]> Three out of four Chamber candidates lost. Its biggest target, Derrick Quinney, won reelection despite a wave of fliers sent by a chamber political front group and anonymous robocalls that most observers assume were coming from the chamber as well..]]>