City Pulse - <![CDATA[Breaking the tape]]> The starter pistol fired for the two-round contest on March 19. The first heat consisted of a nomination round, for which any individual, business or location could be entered on the City Pulse website or mobile app and then voted on. We took the top five finishers from that leg and put them into competition for Round 2.]]> <![CDATA[The home stretch]]> <![CDATA[Without a Clouseau]]> <![CDATA[Green and sober]]> <![CDATA[‘Til death do they part]]> “Big Love,” per its title, is big; conceptually, thematically, physically and sonically. But Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s most effective moments are small, from wry one-liners to subtly raised eyebrows. For director Lynn Lammers and the cast, the biggest challenge is making the big resonate with audiences as much as the small does.]]> <![CDATA[Advice Goddess]]> <![CDATA[East Lansing Film Series — January/February]]> “This isn’t really a matinee community, but (the East Lansing Film Series) has seen a dramatic increase in traffic before 5 p.m.,” Wozniak said. He said Oscar’s Bisro, the theater’s restaurant, has done so well that parent company Celebration! Cinema opened a second location near Kalamazoo.]]> <![CDATA[Golden Harvest to downsize]]> The restaurant will downsize from 34 seats to a single chair and a TV tray. Its kitchen equipment will include only a George Foreman grill and a Keurig single-serve coffee machine. “I won’t lie to you, this is as much a social experiment as a business decision,” Vicknair said.]]> <![CDATA[@BWLPeter_Lark]]> We don´t need tree trimming crews. Has so little to do with getting power back on. We´ve clearly had success just waiting for mother nature..]]> <![CDATA[Arts and Culture news briefs]]> <![CDATA[Make do drink]]> <![CDATA[Organic: Eating local has never been so easy]]> <![CDATA[She ate: Dramatic dishes]]> <![CDATA[The home team strikes back]]> <![CDATA['Ruby' shines]]> <![CDATA[Savage]]> He is completely unaware of what he is doing when he does it, and I have been able to wake him up (when I have been lucid enough) as it is happening (if it lasts that long). He does masturbate in his sleep every so often (never to ejaculation), and so I%uFFFDeuro;%uFFFDm figuring this is connected somehow.]]> <![CDATA[ON OUR 11TH BIRTHDAY]]> .]]> <![CDATA[Grebner v. Lindemann]]> <![CDATA[Test Radio Show]]> <![CDATA[1st Sunday gallery walk & other exhibitions]]> East Lansing Public Art Gallery.]]>