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A selection of quilts from the MSU Museum Exhibit, Patterns of Inquiry: Quilts in Research and Education. All quilts belong to the MSU Museum collection.

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\"Grandmother\'s Flower Garden\", Bozena Vilhelmina Clarke, 1934-1941, Detroit. A classic quilt that is perfect for teaching younger students about the basics of geometry.
Lethonee Jones of Kalamazoo stitched together \"Roadkill\" in 1989 after driving past one too many animals that had met their fate on the highways of Michigan. Stuffed animals like rabbits and turtles dot the quilt.
Quilts are sometimes like portraits of family and friends locked into stitches rather than photos or paintings. Here, the \"Sampler Album\" made by the friends of Annie Risser Horst came from Middleton, Pa. and was made in 1890. The name shown in the bottom corner, \"Sally Risser,\" makes the quilt seem more like a high school or college yearbook rather than simply a blanket.
\"Abstain from strong drink\" reads a piece of the \"Liberty Tree Quilt\" which was made in 1896 by Mrs. S.K. Daniels. The quilt is like a timeline of the era with the names of Civil War generals and important dates and issues from the time.
The quilts in the exhibit are a selection from the 700 quilts that the MSU museum has in its collection. \"Patterns of Inquiry\" runs through September 23.
Quilts can be interpreted like any piece of artwork. A quick look at \"Lazy Man\" which was made by Ruth Clement Bond and Rose Marie Thomas in 1934 will only take you so far. Read the descriptions at the museum exhibit to learn more about the pieces on display.
\"Makarapa Quilt\", Intuthuko Project, 2010, Enwatwa, South Africa. The quilt has examples of the various team hats worn at the 2010 FIFA World Cup when it was hosted in South Africa. The quilt is one of two quilts from South Africa featured in the exhibit.
Top: \"Fearless\", Sherry Shine, 2009, East Orange, N.J. Bottom: \"The Bus Ride that Paved the Way\", Carolyn Crump, Houston, Texas. The bottom quilt depicts the images of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Thurgood Marshall and Barack and Michelle Obama.
\"Confusion\" by Elise M. Campbell, 2006, Dodge City, Kan. The quilt is an artistic representation of the slow onset of Alzheimer\'s.
\"Sawtooth Star\" by Mrs. Jacob Sauder, 1900, Churchtown, PA.
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