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Seeing red over Meijer’s announcement it will discontinue free publications starting March 1? (Click here to read the City Pulse story.)

Here’s what you can do:

E-mail Stacie.behler@meijer.com. She’s the VP for public affairs.

Call your store director — or try to. It’s not easy getting through to store directors, who are very busy. If you cannot talk directly to the store director, leave word with the manager in charge:

1. Call the store number (see below). When you hear the recording, say “Manager in Charge.” You’ll be transferred.

2. Ask for the store director. You’ll be asked if a manager can help you. You can either persist in seeking the store director or you can opt to speak to a store manager.

3. Let them know how you feel about Meijer’s decision to discontinue free publications. The directors all know about it at this point, but the managers may not. Ask them to convey your feelings to the director.

Here are numbers for the Meijer stores:

East Lansing — 332-2444

Lansing (South Pennsylvania) — 394-7720

Lansing (West Saginaw) — 321-1302

Dewitt — 669-4600

Okemos — 349-6800

Mason — 244-1900

Grand Ledge — 622-6800

Charlotte — 541-9200

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