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Wednesday, March 17,2010

Breaking new ground

by Lawrence Cosentino
On Tuesday morning, Kevin Waldman’s biggest headache was protecting big shots like architect Zaha Hadid, billionaire tycoon Eli Broad, Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon and Gov. Jennifer Granholm from stepping in the March mud at the groundbreaking of MSU’s Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum.
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Wednesday, March 10,2010

Rainbows and monsters

Show spotlights artwork of autistic students

by Lawrence Cosentino
The show isn’t all rainbows. At Sunday’s reception, Ben Davis, a sophomore at Charlotte High School, stood proudly next to a display case of insectoid horrors made of ceramic, clay, wire and acrylic paint. Davis caught me looking into the blood-red mouth of a spidery thing with a lot of eyes.
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Wednesday, March 3,2010

Charrette it

Visiting speaker swears by hot development tool

by Lawrence Cosentino
“Then somebody comes along and picks and chooses, saying ‘This is what the public wanted.’” Hunt said the transit village lacks amenities promised to the community as “mitigation” of the increased traffic it would bring. He said a public meeting space “slowly disappeared,” free shuttle buses to reduce local car traffic were.
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Wednesday, February 24,2010

Higher than a kite

After a few bounces, LSO sends Mozart soaring into the sky

by Lawrence Cosentino
The Lansing Symphony has climbed crags, ridden rapids and moved mountains of major repertoire under maestro Timothy Muffitt, but Saturday night they faced a truly daunting task: lifting a beautiful, balanced box-kite of Mozart into the air and keeping it there the whole evening.
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