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Wednesday, December 10,2014

Lat minute gift guide: Hunger never takes a break

Food, volunteered time are also good gifts this holiday season

by Danielle Welke
Whatever you call it — tzedakah, zakat, alms, shabdosh, charity — this is the time of the year when people in mid-Michigan start to think about giving their time, money or food items to nonprofit organizations. The Greater Lansing Food Bank is a leader, distributing to seven counties and over 120 food pantries to families in need. Not only does the Food Bank receive food, but it also supplies shampoo, toothpaste, dog food and a variety of miscellaneous supplies that are needed for everyday life.
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Tuesday, October 28,2014

Body, mind and wallet

How to eat healthy without breaking the bank

by Danielle Welke
One of the biggest problems about trying to eat healthy — after figuring out what exactly “eating healthy” means — is the added cost. After all, it’s cheaper to eat fast food and pre-packaged dinners than it is to make a meal from scratch with all-natural ingredients, right?
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Wednesday, July 16,2014

The gluten challenge

How the rise in gluten-free dining options helps more than just celiac sufferers

by Danielle Welke
You may have noticed the term “gluten-free” sneaking into restaurant menus and choices for the items at the grocery store in the past few years. Given the small percentage of Americans (about 1 percent) who suffer from celiac disease, the condition that causes gluten allergies by preventing the body from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy, you wouldn’t think that gluten-free fare would have such a demand. However, as non-celiac people find that gluten-free diets give them a healthier gut and a sense of better overall well being, gluten-free pastas, breads and other items are on the rise. If you don’t have a gluten allergy, though, what does it mean for you?
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