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Thursday, August 7,2014

Folk n’ flavor

Great Lakes Folk Fest adds a dash of color to East Lansing this weekend

by Simone Carter
THURSDAY, Aug. 7 — A celebration of culture, tradition and community is coming to downtown East Lansing this weekend. Michigan State University Museum presents the Great Lakes Folk Festival, Aug. 8-10. Produced by the MSU Museum’s Michigan Traditional Arts Program, the festival features music, dance and food from across America and around the world. With nearly 100 musicians and dancers, the festival features genres and performances ranging from Irish Celtic, bluegrass, klezmer, contra dance, blues, Swedish fiddle, Zydeco, old-time strings, swing jazz, and more.
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Thursday, June 19,2014

Cutting the fat

Legislators, medical community weigh in on ways to combat obesity

by Simone Carter
THURSDAY, June 19 — This week marks the one-year anniversary of the American Medical Association officially defining obesity as a disease. Obesity has become one of America’s biggest health issues, and Michigan is at the frontline of the battle of the bulge: Michigan is ranked 10th among obesity rates in the country.
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Wednesday, June 18,2014

Out on the town: Old Town celebrates the first nights of summer with two festivals


by Simone Carter
Although the first night of summer is also the shortest night of the year, it doesn’t affect the number of hours in the weekend, and Old Town is maximizing every last one of them. On Friday, Lansing’s Old Town Commercial Association hosts its 10th annual Festival of the Moon, followed by its 15th annual Festival of the Sun the next day, which is also the summer solstice — and the longest day of the year.
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Wednesday, June 11,2014

Grand American Fish Rodeo lures Lansing revelers to first-time event

by Simone Carter
Lou Adado Riverfront Park will be the scene of many events this summer, but only one will take the plunge into the deep end — literally. The inaugural Grand American Fish Rodeo will cast its line into the busy summer festival schedule this Thursday-Saturday.
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Wednesday, May 14,2014

Local flavor

Common Ground adds Lansing-area acts, free matinee show

by Simone Carter
Wednesday, May 14 — New performances have been added to this year’s Common Ground Music Festival. Local rockers the People’s Temple and Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers have been added to the lineup that included the Violent Femmes, Earth, Wind & Fire and Big Sean. The 15th annual summer fest will take place July 8-13.
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