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Wednesday, July 23,2014

Topping out

The ups and downs of Grand Ledge’s rock climbing scene

by Rachel E. Cabose
Collin Roys is 15 feet off the ground and he’s stuck. His hands and feet are dug into tiny crevices along a vertical section of buff-colored rock. The rope attached to a harness around his waist is taut, stretching up to a metal clip tied to a tree above him and back down to the ground.
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Wednesday, January 22,2014

Sequestration pain

Despite budget deal, the impact of cuts in federal grants lingers for MSU researchers, threatening the quality of research and jobs

by Rachel E. Cabose
In the 2012-13 academic year, Michigan State University lost $86 million in federal research funding, a 31 percent drop from the year before, according to an MSU external funding report.
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