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Wednesday, March 5,2014

Precision Presley

Local Elvis impersonator hip swivels his way into international competition

by Kyle Koehler
Sure, it’s been 50 years since the dawn of Beatlemania, but a decade before the Fab Four took Americans by storm, a certain hip-thrusting rockabilly had all the poodle skirted chicks to himself. Sixty years ago, Elvis Presley made his first record — “That’s All Right” — launching Elvis mania ... and the careers of a million impersonators.
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Thursday, February 13,2014

Impact is back

After two months of down time, Impact 89FM returns to the air

by Kyle Koehler
Thursday, Feb. 13 — Impact FM (88.9 FM) is back up and running. Michigan State University’s student-run, commercial-free radio station is back on air at full strength today after running with significantly reduced broadcasting power since Dec. 11. Station manager Sam Riddle said the delay was due to equipment problems.
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Friday, January 24,2014

Trans America

East Lansing workshop raises awareness of transgender issues

by Kyle Koehler
Friday, Jan. 24 — The East Lansing Public Library will host a one-day workshop next Wednesday entitled “What Does it Mean to be Transgender?” The goal of the workshop is to heighten awareness and clear up misconceptions about the transgender community.
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