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Wednesday, August 6,2014

Honeymoon stage


by Alexandra Harakas
Dearly beloved, Over the Ledge Theatre Co. gathers this weekend to celebrate its latest production, “Married Alive!” The musical comedy follows two sets of married folks: One is a pair of newlyweds, the other, a couple with a few anniversaries under their belt. The show’s director, Rick Dethlefsen, said the show displays the joys and downfalls of marriage in a comical fashion.
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Wednesday, June 11,2014

Crowdsourcing: In the cards?

Three recent crowdsourcing campaigns try to save kittens, showcase dolls and fight zombies

by Alexandra Harakas
Kitten medical bills (gofundme.com) Local woman April Jones-Cole created a fundraiser to help someone who rescued a litter of week-old kittens in Lansing. Anna Brooks of Lansing took the kittens to an animal hospital in Mason to be nursed back to health.
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Friday, May 30,2014

Local school, national exposure

One-room schoolhouse in Grand Ledge to be featured on CBS Sunday Morning

by Alexandra Harakas
FRIDAY, May 30 — CBS Sunday Morning viewers across the country may be surprised to learn this week that one-room schoolhouses still exist. Viewers in the Greater Lansing area may be even more surprised to see one they might recognize on national television.
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Wednesday, April 30,2014

Crowdsource surfing

Raising zombies, dodging gluten and fighting cancer

by Alexandra Harakas
Crowdsourcing websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GiveForward give local artists, entrepreneurs and charities extensive access to dollars that can help complete projects, fund business startups and pay hospital bills.
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Wednesday, April 9,2014

Latin pride

Music festival celebrates 10 days of Latin American culture

by Alexandra Harakas
Two weeks ago, the film “Cesar Chavez,” featuring Michael Pena as the titular civil rights leader, debuted at Lansing’s NCG Cinemas. It is one of only 664 theaters in the country — and around 10 in Michigan — that are showing the movie, and its local release was supported by a petition campaign launched by local Latin Americans that garnered over 250 signatures. A spokeswoman for NCG said the screenings are getting “good” business, including two of the daily showings that feature Spanish subtitles.
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Thursday, December 5,2013

Ready to wear

Fashion incubator The Runway coming to Lansing in February

by Alexandra Harakas
Thursday, Dec. 5 — When it opens in February, the newly renovated Knapp Building in downtown Lansing will be home to Michigan’s first fashion and design incubator. The incubator, called The Runway, opened its application process this week for its new designer-in-residence program. There will be a meet and greet event for the public 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17.
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