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Wednesday, July 23,2014



by Alexandra Harakas
Crowdsourcing is a new City Pulse occasional feature that will highlight local crowdsourcing campaigns. To find the events, go to the designated website and search by title.
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Tuesday, May 13,2014

Back on the block

Tickets on sale Wednesday for second Lansing Beer Fest

by Alexandra Harakas
Tuesday, May 13 — Tickets go on sale Wednesday for the second annual Lansing Beer Fest. Starting at 10 a.m., tickets will be available for the REO Town event, which will be held on Saturday, June 28.
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

The Impact’s impact

MSU student-run radio station hits a quarter century

by Alexandra Harakas
When Michigan State University’s Impact 89FM (88.9 WDBM-FM) debuted 25 years ago this week, the Internet was barely a thing. Today, the award-winning student-run radio station provides 24/7 commercial free content over the local airwaves and across the Web, at impact89fm.org. Not bad for a spinoff of a university radio network launched in an attic.
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Friday, December 6,2013

Saturday fun

Holiday activities make for a jam-packed weekend

by Alexandra Harakas
Friday, Dec. 6 — Can’t wait to kick off the holiday season? Can’t seem to get into the spirit? Whatever the case may be, the Greater Lansing area offers a weekend worth of events that will calm your yuletide craving or sway you from your Scrooge ways.
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Tuesday, November 12,2013

“Mamma” man

Lansing resident preps for fourth trip to Wharton to see ‘Mamma Mia!’

by Alexandra Harakas
Tuesday, Nov. 12 — This weekend, “Mamma Mia!” makes its fourth return to East Lansing’s Wharton Center. Since its debut on Broadway in 1999, the musical based on the music of ABBA has been seen by 54 million people and grossed over $2 billion. Lansing resident Brian Huggler has been in the show’s attendance all three times it’s been through town, and he’s looking forward to accompanying his family to this year’s showing on Sunday to make it four.
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