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Thursday, March 6,2014

Q&A: The gypsy talks

The Further Adventures of Fatboy and JiveTurky on drug-addled parents and “sophisticated gypsy blues”

by Carlee Henderson
Thursday, March 6 — The Further Adventures of Fatboy and JiveTurkey, a local gypsy-blues band, are one-half of “The Gypsy and the Traveler” show Friday at (SCENE) Metrospace in East Lansing. The band opens for local songwriter Elden Kelly.
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Friday, November 1,2013

Following the instructions

Art show at (SCENE) Metrospace challenges artists with limitations

by Carlee Henderson
Friday, Nov. 1 —'When artist Britta Urness decided to co-curate “Instructions_13,” a themed show opening Friday, Nov. 1 at (SCENE) Metrospace in downtown East Lansing, she welcomed a challenging theme: All 11 artists, including herself, had to follow a set of guidelines when creating their works. This included things such as asking the artists to consider the idea of white or light or to reduce the size of their piece by one quarter. Artists then interpreted these ideas physically or conceptually into the work.
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