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Tuesday, January 28,2014

Guest column: Hold the congratulations for Congress

Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton says federal omnibus budget bills and continuing resolutions do nothing for robust debate or transparency

by Lee H. Hamilton
Tuesday, Jan. 28 — Now that Congress has its immense, $1.1 trillion bipartisan funding bill in hand, Capitol Hill is breathing easier. They ended the specter of a government shutdown for the moment, and funded the federal budget for most of the year. The media has been commending Congress for finally doing its job.
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Wednesday, December 18,2013

Guest column: Congress still isn’t being responsible

Former U.S. Rep. Lee H. Hamilton says that despite Congress’ efforts to break gridlock, the list of what it hasn’t done is “sobering”

by Lee H. Hamilton
Wednesday, Dec. 18 — Congress is winding down its historically unproductive session with a small flurry of activity. It’s a welcome change, but so long overdue that it can’t possibly make up for what should have been accomplished on Capitol Hill this year.
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Friday, November 22,2013

Guest column: Dogged journalism is a blessing, not a curse

Former U.S. Rep. Lee H. Hamilton on the media, the National Security Agency and leaked information

by Lee H. Hamilton
Friday, Nov. 22 — Let’s start with the obvious: A democracy needs intelligence agencies. It needs to know what’s happening in the world — and understand the plans of allies and enemies — to keep the nation prepared and secure.
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Thursday, November 7,2013

Guest column: Time to fish or cut bait on tax reform

Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton on political timidity hindering tax reform

by Lee H. Hamilton
Thursday, Nov. 7 — As Congress moves forward on budget negotiations, the word out of Washington is to expect nothing major: no grand bargain, just more stopgap, short-term fixes. Yet there’s one ray of hope. The House and Senate chairs of the tax-writing committees, one a Republican, the other a Democrat, are preparing a comprehensive tax reform plan. They see the budget negotiations as their opportunity to enact much-needed changes to our bloated, off-kilter tax laws.
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Wednesday, October 23,2013

Guest column: How to improve the road ahead

Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton on how to avoid governing by crisis

by Lee H. Hamilton
Wednesday, Oct. 23 — One of the more amazing spectacles in the days after the government shutdown ended was the obsession in Washington with who won and who lost in the showdown. Yes, the capital is focused on next year’s elections, but honestly! There was only one real loser, and that was the American people.
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Wednesday, October 9,2013

Guest column: It’s time for an intervention

Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton on a broken Congress

by Lee H. Hamilton
Wednesday, Oct. 9 — The American public has lost patience with Washington. The question is, now what? Congress is unable to do its job. It displays neither competence nor responsibility. It lurches — reeling from crisis to crisis, each one self-manufactured in an effort to postpone the reckoning from some earlier crisis.
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Wednesday, September 11,2013

Guest column: Congress and Syria

Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton is encouraged that the White House and Congress are not taking a free pass on debating Syria

by Lee H. Hamilton
Wednesday, Sept. 11 — As Washington swirls with proposals, counter-proposals, and political brinksmanship in response to diplomatic efforts on Syria, the situation has a lot of people scratching their heads. Couldn’t President Obama and Congress have handled this differently?
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Thursday, August 15,2013

Guest column: What you need to know about Congress right now

Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton weighs in on a ‘deeply unpopular and flagrantly unproductive’ Congress

by Lee H. Hamilton
Thursday, Aug. 15 — Deeply unpopular and flagrantly unproductive, Congress is on its August recess right now. It won’t return until Sept. 9, after a five-week recess, leaving itself just a few days to settle issues like raising the debt ceiling and passing a federal budget. Here are some things you should know about where it stands at this stage of the game.
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