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Wednesday, October 22,2014

Barguide: Leave of abstinence

A non-drinker reflects on going from bar hopping to passing the bar

by Gabrielle Johnson
“What are you doing here?” the woman in the hallway asked me. “You look like a lawyer.” We were both headed into the Ingham County Jail, but I wasn’t a lawyer yet. I was a law student, and I wasn’t there in a professional capacity. I was there as an inma...
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Wednesday, August 13,2014

She ate: Perfection on a plate

by Gabrielle Johnson
First, the bad: The website looks like it’s only half-developed and doesn’t list prices. You’ve got to pay for parking in downtown East Lansing. And it’s pricy — I’m not made of money, a fact I frequently lament. The good: Everything else. Everything we had there during two separate meals was fresh, innovative and worth eating again.
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Wednesday, June 25,2014

Keeping cool

Bath custard shop offers frozen treats, boating and slices of local history

by Gabrielle Johnson
Ice cream fans have it too easy — if you’re patient enough, a truck will drive right down your street and bring some to you. No, the real white lion of summer confections is frozen custard, the cold (but not too cold), rich (but not too rich) dessert, seemingly custom-made for mid-Michigan summer nights.
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Thursday, December 26,2013

Best of 2013: Dining

by Gabrielle Johnson
I stuffed myself silly in 2013. I ate my way from Grand Ledge to Williamston, and from St. Johns to Jackson. Here are my top five local dining experiences for the year that was.
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Wednesday, August 14,2013

SHE ATE: Breakfast stout

by Gabrielle Johnson
The third time was a charm for our dining experience at Edmund’s Pastime in downtown Lansing. The first two visits? Virtually charmless.
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Friday, July 12,2013

She Ate: The Italian job

by Gabrielle Johnson
For years, I've heard about this little neighborhood Italian place in Grand Ledge. People swore by it, but I was never sufficiently tempted to make the drive to the other side of town. It takes a lot to impress me with pasta, since I tend to believe that I can make it just as good myself at home.
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