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Thursday, December 26,2013

Best of 2013: Dining

by Gabrielle Johnson
I stuffed myself silly in 2013. I ate my way from Grand Ledge to Williamston, and from St. Johns to Jackson. Here are my top five local dining experiences for the year that was.
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Wednesday, August 14,2013

SHE ATE: Breakfast stout

by Gabrielle Johnson
The third time was a charm for our dining experience at Edmund’s Pastime in downtown Lansing. The first two visits? Virtually charmless.
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Friday, July 12,2013

She Ate: The Italian job

by Gabrielle Johnson
For years, I've heard about this little neighborhood Italian place in Grand Ledge. People swore by it, but I was never sufficiently tempted to make the drive to the other side of town. It takes a lot to impress me with pasta, since I tend to believe that I can make it just as good myself at home.
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