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Wednesday, March 12,2014

He Ate: Tell me about the rabbit

by Mark Nixon
The farm-to-table movement is so prevalent that it risks becoming a cliché. Who knows? Our local McDonald’s may one day brag about free-range Chicken McNuggets raised on a McFarm in McEaton County.
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Wednesday, December 18,2013

He ate: Reality bites

by Mark Nixon
Woody Allen famously said he hated reality, “but it’s still the best place to get a good steak.”
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Sunday, November 17,2013

He ate: Coral Gables

by Mark Nixon
Food is memory, among other things. It’s why for our Thanksgiving dinner someone always bakes kolache, a delicate, crescent-shaped pastry filled with a sweetened nut mixture; something my mother made, and her mother before her.
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Wednesday, September 18,2013

He Ate

A fine addition

by Mark Nixon
Let me apologize in advance to millions of Koreans on both sides of the Demilitarized Zone. Your national dish, kimchi ... How do I put this delicately? Bleh.
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Wednesday, August 14,2013

HE ATE: Hash tagged

by Mark Nixon
The problem with “seat yourself” places is that, once you’ve seated yourself, nobody knows that you’re there. On a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago I ran into this problem when I went to Edmund’s with two friends for brunch.
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Friday, July 12,2013

He Ate: Tastin' away in Margherita-ville

by Mark Nixon
Here is my theory about pizza. In the days when Congress was still capable of action, it passed the obscure but life-altering Defense of Pizza Act (DOPA).
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